As you work to build a clear and unique brand message, properly curating your images for your website and blog can help you reach higher-end clients and begin to charge more for your services. In our Skyrocket Your Bookings with just your Images Webinar with Amy and Jordan Demos, they shared strategies for curating your images to attract ideal clients. So you can continue to share your brand message to clients, we are sharing 7 strategies for quicker image curation.

1. Create a Strategy

With everything you do for your business, first impressions are crucial to your success. If you do not have a strategy in place for placing images on your website and blog, you risk incorporating photos which are not geared toward ideal clients. For you to make a lasting impression, sit down and create a plan for the images you will share on your website and blog, and how those images will elevate your brand. Decide what images will speak to your ideal clients and feature those on your website, and then plan which storytelling photos you will share on your blog.

“Every time a potential client hits our website or blog, images are the first thing they see. It is our images that dictate the first impression a potential client has, and we can control what images are shared.” – Amy and Jordan Demos

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2. Share Limited Images

After the wedding shoot, you likely upload thousands of images to your computer. Out of those images, not every image needs to be shared on your website and blog. Remember that less is more! If you typically share 500 images in the gallery for your clients after the wedding day, try selecting 25-50 of the best images for your blog. Limiting the number of photos you share with your clients helps you avoid overwhelming them.


Tip: Set expectations early on for how many images you will share after the wedding day. Informing your clients about your turnaround time and how many images you will provide can eliminate any questions they have, and allow you to stick to the best number of images which need to be shared.

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3. Choose the Right Photos

During the wedding day, you capture important moments with your camera. Although you might take multiple photos of the same moments, not every photo needs to be used. It can be tedious to try to cull your own images (and it is easy to become attached to them!). Rather than taking your own time to go through the culling process, consider getting help on this to speed up the process. For example, have a photo editing company assist with the culling and color correction! After you receive your best images back, you can then share those on your website and blog!

Also, there are many occasions where you will shoot through challenges, such as poor lighting or dull locations. Although this is the case, not every shot needs to have a perfect scenario for you to make it look like it was a milliondollar wedding. Curating photos which elevate the look of the wedding can help your couple feel special and showcase your ability to create beautiful photos which match your brand.

4. Curate for Ideal Clients

Once the wedding is over, your clients are excited to see their images, especially because they know who you are and what type of images you typically provide. Potential clients who are just looking might not know much about you and your business. Because of this, you should curate your images with potential clients in mind. As you choose photos to share, it is important to focus on the images which represent your shooting style and brand. When your brand message is clear, you know exactly what you want in an ideal client. You can choose photos based on what you know about your ideal clients, which can increase the chances of them wanting to book you for their big day.

5. Share Beautiful Details

One of the most important parts of sharing images with your ideal clients is knowing what will appeal to your future clients. Because the bride and groom spend time choosing specific details for the wedding day, the attention to detail should be included in the photos you share. Choose detail shots from your past weddings which showcase your shooting skills and highlight the wedding day.

6. Adjust the Order of Photos

When curating photos for your website and blog, think about the first images clients will see. As they view your homepage, the first images they see should make an impact on them. On your blog, the first photo you share should be the best image you shot of the day. Even if it is not in chronological order, but it is a “Wow” shot, share it first on your blog. Sometimes, the images you shot first may not be the best ones to represent your brand. Mixing up the order can ensure you are properly curating photos from the wedding day to attract ideal clients.

7. Use Consistent Sharing Methods

As you curate the best photos from past shoots, use the same image-sharing strategy for all of your platforms. When clients take notice of consistency in your sharing, they will begin to trust you more. Remember, less is more when it comes to posting images from the wedding day. Instead of turning away from your site because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of photos, your ideal clients are more likely to look through your website and blog to see what else you have to offer.

Learning how to properly curate your images to share with ideal clients assists you in elevating your brand and booking the clients you want to work with. Discover how to create a clear and unique brand message to share with ideal clients, download our Guide, 7 Branding Mistakes Wedding Photographers Make (and How to Fix Them)!


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