In your business, social media is one of the best ways for you to connect directly with multiple clients at once. You can quickly post your photos from past weddings, information about your services, and you can share personal details so you become relatable to your clients. Instagram is a social media platform which is perfect for wedding photographers since it allows you to share your best work (and some fun photos which represent you).

Instagram Statistics

Whether you are an expert on Instagram, or you are just getting started with your business account, understanding how influential Instagram is for your business can help you properly use the social platform to reach clients you would love to work with. Here are 6 effective Instagram statistics which will help you understand the benefits of this social media platform.

1. Photo and Video Sharing Platform

How many photos do you share after your wedding shoot? Chances are, with the thousands of photos you have from each event, you can consistently share your images on Instagram. According to Hootsuite, users on Instagram share an average of 95 million posts per day. Of those posts, photos and videos are shared by companies and users alike.

This means a few things for you and your business. First, you can share multiple photos or videos per day of past weddings and other occasions with your followers, without seeming like you share too much. Second, you must ensure you are posting photos on a regular basis so your clients can see them. After you receive your photos back from a wedding photography editing company, share them on your Instagram account. With 70 million photos being shared per day, your photos risk getting lost in the feed if you do not post often. Once you start posting at similar times every day, your followers will know to expect posts from you at those times and may search for your work more often.

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2. Millions of Users

Sometimes, investing your time in another social platform can be time-consuming and stressful. Instagram is a social platform which has 1 billion active users per month, so that means much of your target audience likely has an account. With so many users, you have a better chance of reaching couples who are looking for a photographer. Also because of the number of users, you can share your best photos and reach people through creative hashtags and tagging methods.

Tip: Use hashtags which feature your name or your brand’s name so that clients and others who are looking for a photographer know exactly what photos they are viewing. Check out these 19 hashtags you can use on Instagram to share your brand with other users.

3. Brand Hashtags

For you to find success in the competitive industry, what are you doing to stand out? It is very likely that your answer is creating a unique brand message so your clients can get to know you. Instagram also allows you to share your brand with your followers through hashtags. Because 70% of all hashtags used on Instagram are branded, it is necessary for you to create a few hashtags which are specifically geared toward you and your business.

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Tip: Use hashtags for your couple during their wedding so that their friends and family can see the photos posted from the day. This increases your chances of finding other couples to book through your past work.

4. Target Age Groups


When you reach out to clients through other social media platforms, what is the age range you usually get the most bookings from? Because 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35, this may give you a larger demographic of potential clients to work with. Instagram users who are closer to your ideal age range may be searching through the platform and see your photos, and take note of what you do and what your photos look like.

The more Instagram users you reach who are ideal clients, the easier it can be for you to book them and continue to reach out to other couples who are perfect for you.

5. Increase in Users Every Year

With everything you do for your business, it is important to check and see whether you are properly investing your time. Instagram is an investment which pays off today, as well as later on for you. Projections said there would be over 1 billion users on Instagram last year, which came to be true. The projects are even higher this year as the platform continues to grow. Making the best Instagram page possible can help you stay relevant as the platform continues to grow.

6. Numerous Users Worldwide

A destination wedding photographer should have a marketing plan which reaches their ideal clients from all over the world. Instagram has users from various countries which may appeal to you and who you usually shoot. In the UK alone, there are 14 million users who are active on Instagram.

Even if you are not a destination photographer, you can still benefit from reaching potential clients in other countries. If for some reason they decide to get married in your area, they may remember you and want to book you for their big day.

Because Instagram is such an important platform for you and your business, understanding the statistics of the social platform is can help you tremendously. Social media platforms are always evolving and changing, so keeping up with the latest stats and information are key to your success. Learn more about how to properly use Instagram to reach your ideal clients with our Instagram Guide for the Wedding Photographer! Click the banner below to download your copy today.


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