In today’s digital and technology-driven world, everyone wants products and services that are available to them digitally and easily accessible online. When it comes to photography, clients are always looking to see if photographers offer digital files in their packages. With this being such a popular item to buy, how do you make other products, such as prints, seem valuable and worth buying? Here are 4 tips to help you price and sell your prints to your clients.

1. Calculate the cost

Before selling prints to your clients, examine your prices to ensure that they are set to a price point that will make you a profit. When it comes to pricing your prints, you need to take into consideration not only how much it costs to print, but how much time you spend working on the images. This includes importing the images, culling, adding your Signature Style, ordering the prints, and so on. Your time is valuable, so calculate how much time the entire post-wedding process takes you along with the material cost to print from your lab to determine your cost per print.

2. Educate Clients

When clients are reviewing your prices and packages, they all want to know about digital images. To most, this is one of the most important products that they can purchase from you. While offering digital files is great, educate your clients on the importance of prints from the very first meeting. Listen to what your couples think about the value of prints, and cater the conversation to align with their thoughts.

They may not be very interested in prints at first, and that’s okay. It is your job to listen to what they say, keep a positive tone about the value of prints, and educate them on the importance of having their favorite photos printed. By the time the sales session rolls around, your goal is to have your clients inspired and excited to purchase prints from you!

3. Set up a Sales Meeting

Once the wedding is over, strive to prepare the images as fast as possible so you can show them to your clients right when they return from the honeymoon. Using a photo editing company such as ShootDotEdit can help speed up the color correction process and decrease your overall turnaround time. By having the images ready fast, your couple will still have the wedding-day memories fresh in their minds, and seeing the photos will only excite them more.

Instead of posting the images in an online gallery right away, invite your couple to a viewing party to see the images at your home or studio. This is a perfect opportunity to showcase the best images and have the couple purchase prints while they are with you. Before this meeting, manage your clients’ expectations and inform them that this will be a great time to make purchases. This way, they are prepared and not caught off guard when you begin to talk about the items they want to purchase. By setting up an in-sales meeting, this allows couples to buy right on the spot with you, and it can be easier to make decisions because you can guide them to the best options.

4. Keep it simple

When it comes to selling, remember that less is more. Do not overwhelm your client with too many choices, because this will cause confusion and make them reluctant to buy any additional items. During the sales meeting, create a slideshow of 40-50 of the best images from the wedding day and present those to the couple. Comment on how specific photos would look best printed on a canvas or other material, so the clients can easily visualize this.

By sharing your favorite images with them rather than 700 images you have for them in the online gallery, they are likely to buy more because there are fewer options. Rather than trying to decide between two similar images from the sea of 700 images, they are looking at 40-50 unique images that would all look great printed! The fewer options that you give and the more you suggest to clients what they should get, the better.

With everything that you do in your photography business, you want to be making a profit, and selling prints is no exception! Learn more about how to set up photography pricing for your business with our free Guide, Pricing for the Wedding Photographer. We feature tips from Vanessa Joy, plus how to know which pricing model is the best for you. Click the banner below to download it today!

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