Facebook is an essential resource for you as a wedding photography business owner. With at least 350 million people logging in every month, you have the opportunity to capture the attention of ideal clients around the world! Facebook doesn’t allow users to do business on their personal pages, so it is necessary for you to create a customized Facebook page that is catered to your ideal clients. Since you’ve made the decision to outsource your wedding photo editing, you can take these 4 tips and customize your Facebook fan page.

1. Include a branded cover image

One of the most important parts of your Facebook page is your cover image. Make sure that you design a Facebook cover image that takes into consideration that there is a headshot in the left corner of the space – meaning you want to avoid creating an image that is blocked by the photo or other tabs. As you choose the image that will represent you and your business, find an image that reflects you as a wedding photographer.

Photographer Ning Wong has a cover image on his fan page that is simple, but represents his brand and what type of images he will shoot for clients. The simplicity of his cover image shows his followers that he pays attention to detail and will do the same in their wedding shoot.

Tip: Be sure to include a professional headshot that personalizes your page and introduces you to your followers.

2. Create custom tabs

On your Facebook page, there are tabs that are directly below your cover image. After followers look at your cover photo and profile image, they will look to these important tabs – customize each to allow your followers to access other platforms involving your business. Since these are at the top of your page, they can be easily seen and accessed, so ensure that you spend time updating them with proper information that is pertinent to your and your business.

Nicole Colwell created a tab for her Twitter page so that followers can access her business on both social media sites. This encourages her followers to engage in her content through various outlets.

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3. Secure your vanity URL

Once you reach 25 likes on your Facebook page, you can secure a vanity URL. A vanity URL allows your business to be more easily found in searches, and will become more recognizable as your brand is established. Your vanity URL should feature your business name so that potential clients know that they are visiting your page when they click the link.

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Wedding photographer and business owner, Leeann Marie, has a vanity URL that tells her followers that her page is for a photography business. Providing a simple vanity URL, like “LeeannMariePhotography,” informs followers that they are at the right page.

4. Share from other social networks

Since Facebook is an easy way to attract ideal clients to your business, it is important for you to incorporate any other social media platform that you are on. Think of posting content from Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as free marketing that allows your followers to get to know more about you and your business. Connecting all of your networks lets you share your content with a larger audience, and invites your followers to visit your other pages – eventually leading them to your website!

Tip: Sharing your content through multiple platforms allows you to create a routine for posting, which will help increase your engagement from followers on each site.

Facebook is a useful platform for you as a wedding photographer, which is why creating a custom fan page is so important for capturing the attention of ideal clients. Learn additional tips and tricks for using your fan page with our Facebook for the Wedding Photographer Guide!


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