From the moment clients view your website, they have an impression of you. The process continues as they fill out an inquiry form and reach out to you. Every part of client communication from their first point of contact is crucial to whether they book you for their wedding day (and if they refer you!).

In our Secrets to Getting Booked Guide, wedding photographers shared what worked for their photography business to book ideal clients. Today, we are highlighting 3 wedding photographers who mastered client communication to help them book weddings throughout the year.

1. Make Genuine Connections

To ensure they have clear and defined communication with clients, Shane and Lauren Photography make genuine connections with their clients:

“Connect with people in a real and genuine way. We’re referring to your brides and grooms, their friends, the bridal party, family, coordinators, venue staff, the photo booth dude, anyone you come in contact with. If you are yourself and invest the time to get to know them in a genuine way, they will remember that and will want to work with you again. You will be on their mind and they will think of you when someone they know is getting married.” – Shane and Lauren Photography

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2. Showcase Your Confidence

Wedding photographer, Jared Platt, showcases his confidence to his clients to increase their trust in him and his services:

“There is one point that does not get made often enough when we talk about booking a wedding: Your future clients are hiring a wedding photographer who needs to be able to control a crowd of ridiculous cousins and aunts and possibly an overbearing mother-in-law… a shy, artist type who is afraid to assert him or herself is not going to give them confidence. They expect confidence. Show it to them every chance you have, on the first phone call, in every email, at the in-person consultation, and in every negotiation. You have to sell yourself with confidence.” – Jared Platt


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3. Exceed Client Expectations

To ensure he masters client communication, Liam Kidney Photography exceeds client expectations throughout the entire process with them:

“Excel at customer service. Go above and beyond for your current customers before, after and on their wedding day. They will become the best ambassadors for your business.” – Liam Kidney Photography

Tip: Outsourcing your images to a wedding photography editing service can allow you to deliver images to your clients quickly, so you exceed their expectations!

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BONUS: Nurture After the Wedding

After the wedding day is over, and you have sent your clients their images, it is important to stay in contact with them. Sending thank you cards, holiday cards, or other forms of communication helps you stay on top of your past clients’ minds. This means they will remember the experience they had with you as a photographer and will be likely to refer you to friends and family.

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