With over 1.35 billion active users on Facebook, it is one of the most popular social platforms you can use to advertise your wedding photography business. This social site can be the ultimate marketing tool to grow your business, so how can you effectively post on Facebook to increase traffic to your business? Here are three tips that will help you succeed in creating effective Facebook posts.

1. Post when people are online

While you may be the most creative at 2am and produce great blog posts at that hour, resist the temptation to post them to Facebook right away. Though it may seem like a great idea to get it live on Facebook as soon as possible, consider who is actually online at that time. Are the clients that you cater to sleeping or awake and active? Are your Facebook followers working during this time or are they free somewhere that they can browse the Internet? If you want more people to see your post, make sure to post when people are at their computers and actively on Facebook.

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One way to determine the best time to post is to review your old content. Look for your top 3-5 posts that received the most likes, shares, and comments. Take note of the time frame they were posted and focus on posting upcoming content during this time. Facebook users have hundreds of posts on their news feed, so your goal is to be as close to the top of their feed as possible.

Bonus: Repost old content

If you feel an image or a story did not get enough mileage on Facebook the first time, repost it! Share it again at a relevant time that you know your followers are online. If you did not tag your bride and groom in the image the first time, be sure to tag them so the image is shared on their pages as well.

2. Know thumbnail sizes

Facebook posts that include photos receive 39% more interaction that normal posts. As a photography business, you not only want to display your best images on Facebook, but you also want to ensure they are sized correctly. Properly sized photos are imperative to the success of your Facebook page, since many potential clients want to see past wedding images that you have taken. If you post photos that are not scaled properly, it can make your page look disorganized. Because every social site has different standards for thumbnail sizes and scaling, Jon Loomer created a spectacular image size guide to help you know the specific image size needed for each area of your Facebook page that you can post to.

3. Create contests and giveaways

Engaging people with contests and giveaways is a great way to gain involvement from past and future clients. Internet marketing expert, Kelly Bodine writes,

“A successful contest will be both entertaining and relevant to your business. With so many businesses on Facebook competing for the interest of fans, you must choose something that will set you apart from your competitors.”

Your contest does not have to be complex—it can be as simple as having people vote on their favorite image on your page. Contests will encourage potential clients to follow your page and learn more about your photography business. Remember to encourage people to share your contest and giveaway with their friends and family—the more traffic on your page, the better!

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Facebook is constantly updating and changing the ways that you can post and interact with your followers. Even with the constant changes, it still provides a powerful platform for you to share on. The best thing you can do is to continue to create content and share it as many ways as possible to help grow your wedding photography business. Find out more about engaging your ideal clients to your photography business through social media with our Facebook for the Wedding Photographer Guide

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