Did you know that 70% of the population in the U.S. alone uses at least one social media platform and more than 50% use multiple ones? Because there are so many platforms to choose from, how do you know where to spend the majority of your time?

Not only does Instagram have 400 million monthly active users, it can be the perfect platform for you to share your photos with ideal clients. But, posting your photos is not the only way you can gain followers on Instagram. We know you may be a busy photographer who might not have extra time to work on multiple campaigns for one social media network. That’s why we have put together 3 surefire ways for you to get more followers on Instagram.

1. Make an Announcement

If you start an Instagram account and assume all of your past, current, and potential clients will follow you, you may be disappointed. Just as you are busy, your clients and followers are busy as well. So you can quickly increase your following on your Instagram account, make an announcement to share the news.

Share about your Instagram account in a newsletter, your other social media platforms, and on your blog. This is an easier way to communicate with your audience and inform them about your Instagram account.

Tip: Try not to make a large announcement until you have at least 7-10 “Wow” images on your account. Your clients will be more apt to continue following you if they know they can expect beautiful photos on a regular occasion.

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2. Interact on Other Accounts

Sending an announcement to clients who know you is a great way to increase your followers on Instagram in a short amount of time. But, what about the people who do not know about you and your business? Interacting on other accounts, even people you do not follow, can help you gain the attention of a larger audience. Perhaps you like a photo of someone who has a friend that is getting married and needs a photographer. That person can look at your account and share your info with their friends. Gaining followers this way can quickly help you expand your reach.

For every 100 likes I did on random photos of other users (whom I didn’t follow), I generated 21.7 likes on my photos and 6.1 more followers. I did not have to follow people back for this to work.” Neil Patel

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3. Develop a System

Just like any good business practice, a system is key. The system ensures that you will stay focused an execute consistently on Instagram. Consistency rewards your followers and creates long term engagement. Of all the social media platforms, Instagram users reward consistency. You will see your following grow as you consistently post content that your followers enjoy.

Whenever you implement new techniques for social media in your marketing plan, they should be strategic and not time-consuming. Your Instagram account is a great tool to use to expand your reach and meet ideal clients. Learn more about using Instagram for your wedding photography business with our Instagram Guide for Wedding Photographers!


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