3 reasons fast works

Here at ShootDotEdit, we believe “Fast is Best” – that is especially true when it comes to our image editing services for photographers. Fast turnaround time matters for our business and YOUR business. When you have a fast turnaround time, not only will the progression and growth of your business increase, but your reputation for quality service will be noted and will reach many more potential clients. Here are three reasons that fast works and needs to be implemented into your business.

1. Fast increases clients’ happiness

Your clients’ happiness increases the faster you deliver their beautiful wedding photos to them. In today’s world, people rely on instant gratification – everything is done fast and clients want their products and services instantly. Remember that your clients just experienced one of the most important and emotional moments of their lives – their wedding day. The sooner you can help them relive those special memories through beautiful images, the happier they will feel. By delivering the images fast and allowing your clients to connect the images to their emotion, you will increase their happiness dramatically.

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2. Happy clients spend more money and share experiences

Develop a reputation of exceeding expectations for your business, and your clients will love you as well as the photos. Your fast delivery will create happy clients, which will result in them spending more money. The happier they are with the overall experience, the more people they will share their experience with. They will become lead generators for your business, providing you with more referrals. Since referrals are the root of any business, working with friends of your clients is an easy way to lead you to your ideal clients. Continuing to gain referrals is a simply way for fast business growth and expansion.

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3. Fast keeps your business efficient

When you combine a fast turnaround time with happy clients who share their experiences and recommend you to their family and friends, your business will run more efficiently. By speeding up the time it takes to complete your workflow and deliver the product, you will prevent the chance of falling behind and having events stack up. When you fall behind in your workflow, stress builds and prevents business growth. It may also prevent you from delivering a positive experience to your clients. By optimizing your businesses’ efficiency, you can ensure a fast delivery and a memorable experience for your clients.

Determine how you can best add fast into your business to place it on the track for growth. Discover additional ways to create a fast business and workflow with our Guide, 27 Simple Hacks to Transform your Wedding Photography Business. Click the link below to grab the guide to get started!


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