Social media is one of the fastest ways to quickly communicate with your ideal clients at any time. Rather than waiting for the best time to call a client, you can use social media to answer their questions or check in on the process. Although social media should never take the place of personal calls or in-person meetings, it can be a helpful resource to help you stay top of mind with clients (past, present, and future).

Do you currently have a Facebook business page? Not only can you find your ideal clients through advanced targeting methods, you can share relevant content with your audience based on the specifications you choose. In the past, we’ve covered how to share your brand on your Facebook business page through your cover image design, as well as how to double your exposure. What else can you do to make your page a true reflection of you and your business? Since Facebook allows you to customize your business page, we wanted to share 3 fast ways to do so to help you continue to find clients who are perfect for you (and lead them to your website).

1. Set Preferences for Visible Posts

Facebook is a platform where your clients can interact with you, and many times, they like to post on your page to thank you or ask questions. Although you may be fine with a few comments on your page from clients who had a great experience, what happens when an unhappy client posts a rant or a spammer decides to tag you in an inappropriate post? Not only will this damage your reputation, but it can also cause brand confusion for your followers.

Plus, you have a particular style for your images which is reflected on your page. After you receive your photos back from a wedding photography editing company, you share them on your blog and social platforms. If someone posts on your page, and it is an image from a wedding you shot that someone else took, it may leave your followers unsure of your overall style.

The great news is Facebook allows you to control what content is posted to your page. In the general settings, you can decide what types of posts can appear on your business page. Take the time to look at the settings that are ideal for your page, and make those adjustments so your page properly reflects you and your brand.

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2. Add a Compelling Call-to-Action

Much of the reason you use social media is to attract clients back to your photography website or blog. Once they reach your website or blog, they have the opportunity to look at your portfolio and decide if they want to hire you as their wedding photographer. If you do not encourage interaction on your page, and provide easy to access links to your website or blog, you risk losing out on clients. When you first set up your page, you should have already included your website or blog in the Bio section.

In addition to the link in your bio that appears on your page, now you can add a call-to-action button. This button is meant to invite followers to visit your website or blog as they are on your page. Your call-to-action button sits above the tabs which are directly below the cover image.

When you create the call-to-action button, you have the option to choose from various messages to match your style and brand, such as Contact Us,” “Send a Message,or Book Now.Plus, you can choose how your followers view the experience through both a desktop and mobile device. Remember, everything you do on your page should be geared toward providing your clients with an unforgettable experience.

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3. Include Ratings and Reviews

One of the benefits of creating a Facebook business page is the ability to use its advanced features to make your followers’ experiences positive. And, as a business owner, reviews are one of the top ways to attract additional clients who are looking for a photographer. Reviews help convince other couples to book you as a photographer, especially if they are unsure about what choice to make.

So you can receive reviews for your Facebook page, add the Ratings & Review option. This allows your followers to leave a rating and a review if they desire, which is similar to something you might have set up on your website or other pages. When you use this feature, you have the opportunity to receive more shares, likes, and interest in your page from other couples.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our tips and that they help you achieve your desired goal. At ShootDotEdit, we are passionate about helping you grow your wedding photography business, which we do by reducing your post-production workload with our professional photo editing services. To learn more about how we can help, check out our pricing plans.

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