21 Premium Presets from Jared Platt

*If you are here to download the 21 Premium Lightroom Presets from Jared Platt, keep reading to learn how to get them for free!

21 Premium Presets from Jared Platt

Wedding photographer, Jared Platt, is an expert in all things Lightroom and workflow. He has been a part of multiple Online Trainings and Guides with us, where he shared his knowledge and techniques. Along with this, he’s developed the ultimate set of Lightroom presets that he has carefully crafted to provide photographers with a way to quickly add their style to their images.

Although the offer to download 21 Premium Presets from Jared Platt is over, they come as a bundle when you access our Online Training: Advanced Lightroom Skillsets with Jared. Throughout the Online Training, Jared shares advanced tips for using Lightroom as a part of your post-wedding workflow.

However, before you focus on workflow tools like Lightroom and Presets, you need to understand your style. How else can you know what you want to achieve in post production? Case in point: even with Jared Platt being the expert in Lightroom, ShootDotEdit handles all of his wedding photo editing.

Here are a few tips from Jared Platt on how to find your style as a wedding photographer and apply it to your photography.

Premium Presets Jared Platt

Image by Jared Platt

Learn Who You Are

One of the first steps to finding your photography style is to learn who you are. This specifically applies to you as a wedding photographer. Think about what your tastes are as a photographer. A place to start is to look at how you decorate your studio, or how you present yourself when meeting others. Another way to learn this information is to look at how you design and deliver an album to clients. Each of these can help you learn more about who you are as a photographer, so you can find your style.

Study Your Surroundings

The next step to take is to look at your life and see what parts of it affect your style. Some parts of your life to look at are the people you spend your time with and how you surround yourself. Who are those people and why do you spend your time with them? Additionally, think about how you see the world. Do you look at situations with a cup half full or half empty? This can help dig deeper into you as a photographer, which leads you closer to your unique style.

Analyze Your Shoots

Another step to take on your journey to finding your style is to analyze your shoots. When you shoot the engagement session or wedding day, are there specific moments or ideas you are drawn to? Do you find you love to capture the sentimental moments between loved ones? Or, maybe you look to document the unique and fun moments throughout the day. The commonalities you find during your shoots can say a lot about your style. If your personality is fun and upbeat, it will be reflected in your style.

Keep in mind, Premium Presets are not what makes your style. It is the unique characteristics of who you are as a wedding photographer. That is what creates your style and is what you should share with your clients.

Develop Your Consistent Style

The points made above by Jared Platt help you find your style. The next step is to apply your consistent style to every part of your photography business. This includes your images, website, blog, social media platforms, and even how you present yourself when meeting with clients and vendors.

As a workflow expert, Jared Platt understands how essential it is to deliver a consistent style. Without consistency in your style, potential clients can be confused about who you are and you could risk having issues booking ideal clients.

Once you have a consistent style, you can continue to share it through your images and brand.

To continuously practice and fine-tune your unique photography style, you must have more time in your schedule. This is where Jared Platt’s expertise in Lightroom and workflow is helpful. As the Lightroom Guru, Jared has techniques to help you speed up your post-wedding workflow so you can spend your time perfecting your style. Here are a few of Jared’s tips for working quickly in Lightroom.

Implement Shortcuts

While using Lightroom, there are shortcuts Jared recommends to use to maximize your efforts and shave time off your post-wedding workflow. You can start with keystrokes, which minimize mouse clicks and then work with keyboard shortcuts. While in Lightroom, take advance of Develop module shortcuts which help you quickly work on your photos. Finally, you can customize your shortcuts in Lightroom for quick access to certain actions. Each of these shortcuts will assist you in speeding up this part of your workflow.

Use Lightroom Mobile

Because Lightroom is a part of the Creative Cloud, you can sync your Catalogs across multiple devices. This is perfect for you as a busy photographer who is constantly on the move. Jared Platt recommends syncing your images to your main computer to work on when you are in your studio. When you are not in your studio, sync the Catalog to your mobile device and you can resume your work.

Outsource Wedding Photo Edits

As a ShootDotEdit Customer, Jared Platt has free time to work on his style and other projects outside of editing wedding photos. When you outsource your wedding photo editing needs to a photo editing service, like ShootDotEdit, you free up hours from your post-wedding workflow. The time you save can be better spent on tasks for your business or brushing up on your shooting skills. Learn more about how a wedding photography editing service can help you focus on the things you enjoy here.

We hope Jared Platt’s tips for finding your style help you deliver consistent images and a strong brand message to your ideal clients. As mentioned above, the Premium Presets from Jared Platt should be considered after you find and develop your unique photography style.

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