15 engagement photos to inspire you this off-season

One of the most common parts of a wedding photography package for a couple to book is an engagement session. This is an opportunity for you to spend time with your couple and get to know them. It allows you to make them as comfortable as possible in front of the camera, so they are not nervous on the wedding day. Plus, the images you share with your couple after the engagement session help solidify your brand message and expectations they had from seeing your past photos on your website and blog. If you’re looking for engagement session ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at ShootDotEdit, not only do we provide wedding photography editing, we also love to share inspirational photography from other pros in the industry. If you haven’t put an engagement session in your wedding photography business packages, consider adding it, at least to the top package. Below, we share 15 engagement photos to inspire you as you prepare for shooting engagement photography. Plus, a few of the wedding pros share their inspiration behind their images!

1. Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

ShootDotEdit Customer, Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers, captured her couple’s genuine laughter in this photo during their outdoor engagement session.

“Believe it or not, our engagement session time together started 45 minutes late – eek! We were a bit rushed on time, but I wanted to make sure to capture their true spirit and fun together. This photo was taken on a little island in the Allegheny River, where there are some beautiful old stone walls and greenery. I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it was just enough to get them laughing and interacting perfectly with each other. Short on time? No problem – we made some magic!” – Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

couple engagement photo

Image by Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

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2. Olivia Markle

What a fun engagement session photo of the couple as they sit in the car together, with the bride’s sneakers and ring highlighted, by Arizona wedding photographer, Olivia Markle!

A sunset engagement session photo of the couple sitting in a car with only the bride's sneakers, hand with her ring, and the back of the groom's head are showing.

Image by Olivia Markle

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3. Danny Dong Photography

This image by ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Danny Dong Photography, incorporates a beautiful location for an engagement session, especially with the lush, green foliage surrounding the couple!

outdoor engagement session

Image by Danny Dong Photography

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4. Melissa Jill Photography

During this engagement shot, ShootDotEdit Customer, Melissa Jill Photography, captured the breathtaking view as the couple looks off into the distance.

outdoor engagement images

Image by Melissa Jill Photography

5. Salt and Pine Photography

As the rain fell, Salt and Pine Photography documented the couple as they sat together and enjoyed a moment.

“As we were headed to this session in Kansas, we noticed some thunderclouds overhead. It was spring in the midwest, after all! We called our couple and they were all in for shooting rain or shine, and we were able to photograph most of their session before the storm actually hit. As we were running for cover in their truck we got an idea and asked them to sit in the back of the truck. We placed a flash behind them that would light up the downpour.” – Salt and Pine Photography

rain engagement session

Image by Salt and Pine Photography

6. TréCreative

During this outdoor engagement session, ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, TréCreative captured a sweet moment between the couple.

engagement session image

Image by TréCreative

7. Custom by Nicole Photography

Custom by Nicole Photography captured this romantic moment as the couple stands in a field of sunflowers!

“Zariel and Keith are having a summer wedding, so they wanted a setting with a summer vibe. What better than a magical field of sunflowers! We were lucky to have a sunny day adding a gorgeous glow to the blooms!” – Custom by Nicole Photography

sunflower engagement session

Image by Custom by Nicole Photography

8. Ning Wong Studios

The way that Ning Wong Studios, a ShootDotEdit Customer, composed this shot creates a unique and memorable image!

sky couple engagement image

Image by Ning Wong Studios

9. Amy Rizzuto Photography

Amy Rizzuto Photography, a part of our ShootDotEdit Customer Community, captures a romantic photo of the couple as they kiss with the city skyline behind them!

engagement session kiss with skyline in the background

Image by Amy Rizzuto Photography

10. France Photographers

ShootDotEdit Pro, France Photographers, shot with their couple during the sunset to create a romantic engagement image!

“I had so much fun with these lovebirds at their engagement session! We laughed, frolicked, and danced on the beach until the sun went down! As a couple, they were so fun and energetic but had a very sweet and loving side with each other well that I really wanted to showcase. As the sun went down it lit up the sky with a gorgeous array of colors and I just wanted to slow things down for a little. I had them walk out along the water line and just embrace each other and take a minute to themselves. As they went in for a hug, I caught the perfect moment right before their lips hit each other and I knew it was the perfect image to end their amazing session.” – Jessica Van, France Photographers

sunset photo engagement session

Image by France Photographers

11. Bōm Photography

With the cityscape in the background, Bōm Photography created a stunning photo for his couple from their engagement shoot!

cityscape engagement session

Image by Bōm Photography

12. Salt and Pine Photography

In this outdoor engagement session by Salt and Pine Photography, they include the landscape into the photo perfectly!

“Sometimes in the mountains, the sun goes behind the peaks before true sunset. Here, we placed the couple up on a rock in order to capture the last bit of light dancing between two foothills above the lake. We knew a romantic ‘nearly kissing’ pose would go well with the mood of the light filtering in behind them.” – Salt and Pine Photography

outdoor nature engagement session

Image by Salt and Pine Photography

13. Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

This engagement session by Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers had gorgeous golden hour light to highlight the couple!

“This image was taken outside of an old stone mansion in Pittsburgh (can you see an old stone theme to our city? 🙂 The sun sets quickly on top of the hill where the mansion lies, so we needed to take full advantage of the light when it was perfect. My bride, Elizabeth, brought along this hat and showed me some Pinterest photos that she liked with it. Well, I always tell my couples that I’ll take Pinterest ideas and make THEM into photos people will want to pin. I guess it all worked – because that was my goal for her! We mixed the perfect light, contrast of the dark woods in the background, and her engagement ring + kiss for the perfect Pinterest-worthy engagement photo.” – Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

engagement session photography

Image by Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers

14. Jelger and Tanja, Photographers

In this image, Jelger and Tanja, Photographers captured a unique perspective of the couple through the trees!

“We chose to photograph through the trees to create a more intimate feeling. The couple is having a sweet moment and the perspective gives the feeling of witnessing this from a distance. We used a pop of flash on the two of them to enhance the light in this dark environment.” – Jelger and Tanja Photographers

Outdoor engagement session

Image by Jelger and Tanja, Photographers

15. TNK Photo

With the water and rocks surrounding the couple, this is a great location for a shoot by TNK Photo!

“The inspiration came from watching the waves hit the rocks. We wanted to capture the motion as we knew the only way to do this was by slowing down the shutter speed and letting the waves look like they were moving around them. We waited until it was dark enough and instructed the couple to hold as still as possible. A few takes later, we were able to get enough motion as well as a sharp couple.” – TNK Photo

water and rocks engagement shoot

Image by TNK Photo

We’re so inspired by the engagement images listed above. Not only do we provide photographers with wedding photo editing services, but we can also help you edit your engagement sessions!

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