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As you are shooting with the bride and groom, you spend a lot of time thinking about what wedding photography poses you should use that will make them look their best. In the past, we have covered topics on how to pose the couple during engagement sessions, as well as how to pose the bride, bridesmaids, and family formals. Since posing is a critical part of your shooting routine, we thought we should cover another important part of the wedding day – groom poses!

Getting Great Groom Pictures

The wedding day is as much about him as it is the bride and her wedding poses, and creating specific groom pictures will result in standout images that they both will enjoy! Here are the 11 go-to poses for the groom on the wedding day.

1. Standing Up Straight

When you start off your shoot, have him create classic wedding groom photography poses that help him become comfortable with you and the camera. The groom poses you choose need to bring out his attributes and personality. While he is standing, have him face the camera and smile for a few of the shots. Try to change the position of his head as well as the angle of your camera to create dynamic images so that he stays in posture and can easily smile for the shot. This is one of the most flattering groom poses you can do on the wedding day and is often one that, once edited by a photo editing service, will get selected for the album.

2. Adjusting Cuff Links or Tie

As you pose the groom, suggest that he adjust his cufflinks or his tie in the shot. When his hands are moving, he will not focus on posing as much and the shot will look more natural. Be sure to also capture his expression as he focuses on the details of his attire.

Groom getting ready photos that simultaneously capture spontaneity will go a long way for the bride!

black and white groom getting ready

Image by Justin and Mary Marantz

3. Sitting and Looking Out the Window

Groom poses that are relaxed and casual are a great addition. Allow the groom to sit down, on a couch or stool, and relax while you take his solo shots. This pose allows the groom to stop smiling for a while and reflect on the events of the most important day of his life. You are sure to capture genuine emotion that tells the story of the wedding day with this pose.

4. Holding Jacket Behind His Back

Every guy wants to showcase his inner (masculine) model during his individual shoot. A creative way to portray this in his groom photos is to have him hold his jacket behind his back. Tell him to think of his favorite magazine ad and imitate that for a compelling image. These groom poses are fun to position and often lead to the groom loosening up, which helps you in future shots.

5. Side Profile Shots

Try to capture the groom from the side to create unique and dynamic images. If he is always staring into the camera, the images will be redundant and may become stale. In one of the shots, be sure to have him look down slightly while his hands are in his pocket.

groom side profile black and white

Image by Justin and Mary Marantz

6. Crossed Arms

Posing the groom is a bit different than posing the bride, and poses you use on the bride cannot all be used with the groom. Try groom photography poses that show up his masculinity. To do this, have him stand with his arms crossed. This will create a pose that showcases his confidence in front of the camera, which highlights his best features. Make sure to keep an eye on the jacket, as it can bunch up when you have him cross his arms.

7. Hands in Pockets

When the groom is uncomfortable posing in some of the previous ways, have him stand facing forward with his hands in his pockets. Suggest that he unbutton his jacket to create a different look than what is already in the other groom portraits. Once he is in this position, be sure to check that his arms are posed with his elbows out so that he looks proportionate in the photo. Groom poses that are less stiff and formal can work really well to loosen up an uptight or nervous groom.

groom pose wedding photography

Image by Justin and Mary Marantz

8. Leaning Against a Wall

As the groom leans against a wall, he may become more at ease and give you a more natural pose and expression. He can face his back to the wall for one shot, then you can have him stand to the side and lean against the wall. It is helpful to have the groom moving throughout the shoot so you can keep him engaged.

9. Placing Jacket On

Another way to create action within your images is to document the groom placing his jacket on. This is the last item he needs before he is ready to head to the ceremony. While he is in motion, you will capture a variety of expressions and poses that will create interest in the story of the wedding day.

getting ready groom photo

Image by Justin and Mary Marantz

10. Looking into Mirror

Sometimes on the wedding day, it is nice for the groom to take a moment to relax before going back to entertaining his guests. As he is doing this, have him look in the mirror. Tell him to think of his bride and how they met – he will have genuine emotion that will come through in the image.

11. A Pose for the Bride

The list of groom wedding poses would not be complete without a pose specially created for the bride. Get the groom laughing to create a candid pose and image for her, or you can have him pose with a prop that says how much he loves her. Regardless of what you decide, be sure that the pose creates an image that is simply for the bride-to-be.

Use these go-to groom poses during your next shoot to become faster and more efficient during the wedding day with your groom poses. Your clients will be thrilled with their final images because you took the time to pose the groom! Discover additional posing tips to use throughout the wedding day with our Posing for the Wedding Photographer Guide! Click on the banner below to download yours and discover valuable posing tips and tricks from pro photographers.


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