Unique Wedding Photos That Inspire Featuring ShootDotEdit Customers

The wedding industry has long been dominated by picture-perfect classic wedding photos. And it’s only recently that couples and wedding photographers have started experimenting with unique wedding photos that don’t usually fit the traditional style of wedding photography. Nowadays, couples are looking forward to celebrating their uniqueness, and so wedding photographers are always on the lookout to capture elements that make a photograph stand out. Whether it’s a hint of humor or unusual perspectives, we love when wedding photographers think out of the box. In this blog, we have put together a list of stunning images captured by some of our customers. Every photograph in this feature brings something new to the table and showcases wedding photos that are far from classic but are definitely unique.

Unique Wedding Photos Captured By ShootDotEdit Customers


1. Looyenga Photography

Bride and groom posing in front of a light source for a silhouette photograph in a setting surrounded by trees
Image Credit @looyengaphoto

Silhouettes have a way to add magic to any photograph. These perfectly backlit moments can help photographers create some amazing wedding photos. And there are always different ways to make them special, as shown in this partially lit silhouette captured by Looyenga Photography.

2. Laibel Schwartz Photography

Silhouette of the bride and groom as they hold each other with a bokeh background
Image Credit @laibelschwartzphotography

Clear shapes, bold outlines, and background lighting play a major role in getting those stunning silhouettes that just leave the viewer in awe. Just as in this image captured by Laibel Schwartz Photography. The bokeh in the photo adds to the wow element.

3. Robb McCormick Photography

Silhouette of a couple posing for a photograph in a pathway bordered by fences
Image Credit @robbmccormickphotography

Sunsets and sunrises often bring out the best silhouettes. They fill the background with gorgeous color variations of crimson, blue, and purple. It’s lovely how the couples are posed, and the fences act as a frame in this photograph by Robb McCormick.

A Hint Of Humor

4. Jorge Santiago Photography

Black and white photograph of the bride and groom posing creatively as superheroes
Image Credit @jorgesantiagophoto

“Fly me to the moon,” said the groom, and the bride clearly had the Superwoman veil for it. Adding a hint of humor to a simple photo is one of the easiest ways to make it stand out. It’s also a great way to leave the viewer with a smile on their face.

5. Michelle Walker Photography

Bride and groom posing with their pet dog as the dog kisses the bride
Image Credit @michellewalkerphoto

This adorable dog seems to be head over heels in love with the bride. Including pets in wedding photographs can make for some unique, fun, and absolutely cute wedding photos. The playfulness our four-legged friends bring to the moment is unmatched!

6. IQphoto

Bride and groom striking a pose mid air  creating a unique wedding photo
Image Credit @iqphoto

Striking a pose mid-air is always fun – for the subjects and the photographer too! Jump shots are also something you can try out with your couples to get some unique wedding photos. Clearly, this couple was excited to try out this pose.

7. Brandi Allyse Photo

Groomsmen dressed in blue suits posing with a camel
Image Credit @brandiallysephoto

Who photobombed who? It’s hard to tell. Wedding shenanigans are a part of every wedding, and when captured, these shenanigans can make for many funny wedding photos (like this one).

Epic Backgrounds

8. Michael Mann Photography

Wide angle shot of a bride and groom walking as a lens flare peaks from the side of a tree branch
Image Credit @michael_mannphotography

Playing peek-a-boo with the sun can sometimes create such epic images. When done the right way, lens flare can enhance the photograph’s visual appeal and help shift the focus to the subject.

9. Salt and Pine Photography

Bride swirling while holding the train of her dress from one hand and the groom's hand from the other in a natural setting
Image Credit @saltpinephoto

The colors, the clouds, the couple, everything blends so perfectly in this image – creating such a breathtaking background. This capture by Salt and Pine Photography is truly a treat for the eyes.

Unique Brides

10. Photography by Orlando

Artistic shot of a bride lying on the floor surrounded by fallen chairs in a room that has sunlight gushing from the windows
Image Credit @photography_by_orlando

Ever found a bride in a more unusual setting? We bet not! With the sunlight artistically gushing through the window, the bride’s pose, and the chairs, Photography by Orlando created a brilliant piece of art.

11. Michael Mann Photography

Black and white photograph of a bride climbing the stairs with the veil and the train of her dress following
Image Credit @michael_mannphotography

What a unique way to capture the gown! The black and white scheme and the birds hovering in the sky almost give a dark mood to the image. Can you feel it too?

12. Erin Morrison Photography

A bride holding the train of her dress from one hand and the bouquet from the other walks into a hut
Image Credit @erinm_photography

We love how the dark brown shades of the surroundings and the place highlight the bride and her wedding dress beautifully.

13. Sierra Solis Photography

A bride wearing a stylish fedora looking leftward as the reflections of the window blend around her
Image Credit @sierrasolisphotography

We can’t tell what’s more fascinating – the way this bride is pulling off this stylish fedora or the way the reflections blend with each other. Either way – it’s absolutely gorgeous!

Unusual Perspectives

14. IQphoto

The action of a bride walking down the stairs captured through a mirror frame
Image Credit @iqphoto

Sometimes letting your imagination run wild can yield stunning results. And this image is proof of that!

15. Robb McCormick Photography

Gorgeous capture of a bride and groom posing under an umbrella through a reflection on the water on the floor
Image Credit @robbmccormickphotography

The best shots are sometimes found in the most unusual places! Like this simple but also a complex image of the couple. It is one of the most unique bride and groom wedding photos we’ve come across.

16. Brian Bossany Photography

Couples posing from a lakeside with only half heads above the water
Image Credit @brianbossany

To take those over-the-top photographs, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! (As long your couples are on board, of course).

17. Diane Nicole Photography

The blend of two images with the double exposure technique of the bride and groom in a farm
Image Credit @dianenicolephoto

When done right, the double exposure technique can help you take some truly amazing pictures. And the lovely overlays in this image by Diane Nicole Photography add a beautiful effect.

Interesting Locations

18. Michelle Walker Photography

Bride and groom share a kiss on a subway as the guests surrounding them cheer with joy
Image Credit @michellewalkerphoto

This image by Michelle Walker Photography takes the couple away from the mainstream setting of wedding photographs and still manages to make it look amazing. Now, that’s art!

19. Taylor Kemp Photography

Black and white unique wedding photo of the carnival carousel in motion as the couple pose in front of them
Image Credit @taylorkempphotography

Capturing the carnival carousel in motion as the couple stays still works as an excellent frame for this photograph taken by Taylor Kemp Photography.

20. Jelger and Tanja

Couples posing in the middle of a forest
Image Credit @jelgerandtanja

What an interesting setting and what a way to create unforgettable wedding pictures! The iconic view of the lush tropical landscape adds a unique touch to the image.

Unique Lighting

21. Brian Bossany Photography

Portrait of a bride and groom looking at each other as the lens flare creates a halo effect in between them
Image Credit @brianbossany

Experimenting with lighting can take simple wedding photos to a whole new level. It’s just incredible how the lens flare creates the halo effect in this image captured by Brian Bossany.

22. Salt and Pine Photography

Silhouette of a couple walking holding hands on top of a cliff as the sun sets behind them
Image Credit @saltpinephoto

Sometimes, posing your subject out in the open, waiting for the perfect time, and letting the sunset work its magic really pays off. We can’t stop staring at the beautiful blend of the red and blue hues in this photograph!

23. Looyenga Photography

Couple holding hands as they walk through a farm
Image Credit @looyengaphoto

We love how the golden hue dominates the backdrop and creates an airy and dreamy atmosphere in this image taken by Looyenga Photography. No wonder golden hour is most photographers’ happy hour!

Caught in Rain & Snow

24. Photography by Orlando

Bride and groom posing while holding hands as the snow falls
Image Credit @photography_by_orlando

Photographing a wedding as it snows has its fair share of perks and challenges. But in this masterpiece, Photography by Orlando is clearly showing off the fact that he knows how to work with nature.

25. Jorge Santiago Photography

Bride and groom posing under an umbrella as the rain creates a beautiful background
Image Credit @jorgesantiagophoto

Jorge Santiago Photography sure knows how to create stunning photographs in the rain. This image is yet another example of how paradise doesn’t always have to be tropical.

26. Love by Joe Mac

A couple posing under an umbrella as the rain creates a beautiful background and reflection on the ground
Image Credit @lovebyjoemac

Wow! The umbrella as a prop, the couple’s pose, and the backlit raindrops – there are so many things in play that are making this image by Love by Joe Mac visual artistry.

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There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes when taking a spectacular photograph. While you are in the middle of adjusting lights, posing your subjects, and changing camera settings, sometimes you find truly amazing moments, and sometimes they find you. Staged or not, these unique photos are a refreshing take on wedding photography.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we love bringing you ideas that will help you stand out as a photographer. We also love making editing effortless by doing it for you. Check out our pricing plans to learn more about how we can help.

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