The Rave August 2020 | A Monthly Customer Celebration

The ShootDotEdit Rave — Your most lived images from the ShootDotEdit Instagram in August.

So excited for this month’s Rave! These photos are absolutely STUNNING! So stunning in fact, I don’t want to waste too much time here in the intro.

You all know these are the 8 most loved images from our Instagram in August, right?

Then let’s get to it!

The Rave: ShootDotEdit’s Most Loved Customer Images | August 2020

A wedding couple standing in the woods, in love.

Brandi Allyse Photography

A foggy evening wedding shot with the couple standing on a hill. Edited by ShootDotEdit.

Salt & Pine Photo

Incredible engagement photo where the couple is standing on a rock on a beach. Photo editing by ShootDotEdit.

Jimmy Bui Photography

The bride and the groom getting ready for the ceremony. Photo edited by ShootDotEdit

Pattengale Photography

A wedding couple standing under arches at the venue.

Lovers of Love

A bride's veil blowing in the wind after the ceremony — kissing her husband. Photo edited by ShootDotEdit.

Ideal Imaging Photography

A wedding couple standing on the church steps outside of a small chapel. Photo edited by ShootDotEdit.

Christin & Chris

Wonderful engagement shot of a couple on a fire escape.

Bradley Images

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