Fast 5: Posing Deep Dive

ShootDotEdit’s Fast Five — 5 useful quick tips you can apply to your photography business right now!

Here at ShootDotEdit, not only do we provide our customers with the best in post-production photography, but we also like to share insights from photographers in the industry. 

Roberto Valenzuela is a great example of a photographer who is an expert in all things posing and lighting. In addition to his photography career, he is also an author and an educator. He loves to share his knowledge so we wanted to bring it to you here! 

Read his 5 Tips on Posing and Lighting in this week’s fast 5!

Photo by Roberto Valenzuela

5 Tips from Robert Valenzuela on Posing & Lighting

1. Body Language Matters

Body language is crucial when it comes to posing! By understanding the fundamentals of body language and how a slight movement can completely change an image, you can create stunning photos.

2. Contrasting Colors Can Make or Break Images

Simply said, colors matter. If you want to master the fundamentals of what creates a great photo, it is crucial that you keep track of colors. Remember, your eyes are drawn to areas of photos that stand out, which can often be where contrasting colors meet. This does not mean it is bad to have contrasting colors in photos – you just need to ensure they are intentionally placed.

3. Can Lighting Dictate the Pose You Use?

When you have lighting that is highly directional, consider only featuring one subject in your image. Use the light to shower only the bride or groom, rather than trying to come up with a pose for both of them.

4. Expressions are Key to Successful Posing

Posing is no easy task. Even harder than posing one subject is making sure that multiple subjects look their best in an image. Along with mastering the pose, it is crucial that you examine their expressions as well! You may have a great pose, and in order for it to be a stunning image, you need a strong expression.

5. Small Details Can Make Big Differences

During the wedding day shoot, it is necessary for you as a photographer to know how to pose your couples in positions that will showcase them in the best possible way. So take notice of the position of your couple’s hands as well as anything that looks out of place.

Photo by Roberto Valenzuela


We love to provide you with relevant content that can help you improve your business and attract more of the clients you love. If you wish to read and learn more from Roberto Valenzuela about these points, here’s a list of 5 detailed posts for even more reading on posing!

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