8 Wedding Photography Landscape Images to Motivate You

When you shoot outdoors with your clients, it can often be challenging to know exactly where to position them. Depending on the location, there may be distractions or lighting issues that make it difficult to quickly capture the images you need. On the other hand, some locations provide you with stunning landscapes that enhance your wedding photography. To provide you with some inspiration to take with you during your next outdoor shoot, here are 8 wedding photography landscape images to motivate you.

1. Frøydis Geithus Photography

The way Frøydis Geithus positioned the couple with the breathtaking landscape behind them makes for such a beautiful photo!

The bride is kissing the groom's cheek as they stand in the middle of two buildings and large mountains in the background.

Image by Frøydis Geithus

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2. David N. Sachs Photography & Film

What a wonderful photo by David N. Sachs Photography & Film, a ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, of the couple and the gorgeous landscape behind them!

A wedding photo of the couple standing on top of a hill with the a blue sky behind them.

Image by ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, David N. Sachs Photography & Film

3. Heather J. Keys Photography

The way ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Heather J. Keys Photography captured the couple in an embrace with the beautiful scenery around them is just amazing!

A wedding photography image of the couple in an embrace standing on a dock with green hanging trees.

Image by ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Heather J. Keys

4. Salt and Pine Photography

Take a look at how picturesque is this is; it’s just gorgeous! Great image by Salt and Pine Photography, a ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro!

A bride and groom with their backs facing the camera, the bride's head on the groom's shoulder and his head on her head, with an incredible landscape in front of them.

Image by ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Salt and Pine Photography

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5. Jelger and Tanja Photographers

The landscape surrounding the bride and groom in this image by Jelger and Tanja, Photographers, a part of our ShootDotEdit Customer Community, is breathtaking!

A wedding image with the bride and groom standing at the edge of a balcony with a river and mountains, and a sunset as their background.

Image by Jelger and Tanja, Photographers

6. Jodi B Photography

What a stunning shot of the couple at sunset by with this amazing tree by ShootDotEdit Customer, Jodi B Photography!

A wedding photography sunset image of the bride and groom under a large tree and its leaves.

Image by ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Jodi B Photography

7. Danny Dong Photography

The way Danny Dong Photography, a part of our ShootDotEdit Customer Community, lit the bride’s wedding veil is beautiful!

A wedding photography shot of the bride and groom in an embrace under the bride's veil with the sun setting on a large landscape behind them.

Image by Danny Dong Photography

8. Kim Payant Photography

The clouds and snow-capped mountains make for a remarkable backdrop for this photo of the couple by ShootDotEdit Customer, Kim Payant Photography!

A wedding photo of the bride and groom standing in the grass with mountains, a blue sky, and clouds as their backdrop.

Image by ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Kim Payant Photography

Wow – what beautiful landscape photos these photographers captured for their clients! We hope you find inspiration from these images and go out and create stunning imagery in your next shoots!

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