The Secrets to Maximizing Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for sharing photos, which makes it a great choice for professional wedding photographers. Facebook’s platform makes it a natural fit for using your images to market and grow your wedding photography business. However, over the years, engagement on Facebook for each individual post has dropped. It’s important to know and understand the secrets to maximizing engagement on Facebook.

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Use Your Photos

It seems obvious, but it is one of the most important details to increasing your engagement on Facebook: use your images when you are posting.

93% of Facebook’s most engaging posts are photo-based posts. When the data was analyzed, it was revealed that posts with photos received 39% more interactions, 53% more likes, 84% more click-throughs, and 104% more comments!

outdoor wedding photography couple

Image Compliments of Roberto Valenzuela

This is great news for photographers, as a professional has no shortage of beautiful images from previous weddings and portraits. For the average viewer scrolling through their Facebook feed, a dynamic professional photo jumps out at them compared to the usual slough of poorly lit, cell phone images.

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Know Which Photos to Post

The photos you post need to stand out in your reader’s News Feed. As they scroll and scroll through the updates of friends, the images you post need to grab their attention. Images with emotion are a great baseline to use as you pull images from each wedding you shoot. Emotional images from the wedding are great for building engagement on Facebook.


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Additionally, there are a few other things to consider as you post. A study by Curulate found that bright photos with blue as the main color garnered the most likes. Images that contained texture and pattern also did well.  Also, posting images that are not related to your wedding business, but rather of your family, kids, pets, or daily activities can boost engagement and show a different side of you to your followers.

We’ve gathered 3 additional techniques to sharing on social media that you need as a professional wedding photographer. To share these 4 tips, we’ve created an infographic! We cover tagging people, the best times to post, as well as statistics and data for each section. Take a look below! Additionally, take the time to share this infographic within your photography communities! Knowledge is power, and we encourage you to share these tips and tricks with others!


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