9 Stellar Bridal Portraits to Inspire Your Creativity


With each wedding you shoot, there is a moment specifically catered toward the bride. Her portraits are the time for you to document her beautiful dress, hair, makeup, and accessories. Of the important images you take during the wedding day, bridal portraits are one the bride will look forward to. Since you shoot portraits for every bride, finding new ways to light and pose them can keep your images fresh and relevant. To inspire your creativity, here are 9 stellar bridal portraits from pro wedding photographers.

1. CHARD Photographer

Rich Lander of CHARD Photo captured a stunning shot of the bride’s dress during her portraits.


Image Compliments of CHARD Photographer 

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2. Scott Robert Lim

This is such a classic image and pose for the bride by Scott Robert Lim!


Image Compliments of Scott Robert Lim

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3. From the Hip Photo

The light shining down on the bride is gorgeous in this photo by From the Hip Photo!


Image Compliments of From the Hip Photo 

4. Bandele Zuberi

What a stunning pose and photo by Bandele Zuberi that captures the details of the bride’s dress!


Image Compliments of Bandele Zuberi 

5. Rachel Rossetti Photography

This is a wonderful portrait by ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Rachel Rossetti Photography, of the bride and her stunning dress!


Image Compliments of Rachel Rossetti Photography 

6. Style & Story Creative

ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Style & Story Creative, captured a serene moment with the bride, as she is surrounded by candles and flowers!


Image Compliments of Style & Story Creative

7. La Memoir

This is a beautiful pose and shot of the bride’s dress and its intricate details by La Memoir!


Image Compliments of La Memoir 

8. Sam Stroud Photography

What a beautiful portrait Sam Stroud Photography took of the bride during sunset!


Image Compliments of Sam Stroud Photography 

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9. Justin and Mary Marantz

What a lovely moment of reflection by Justin and Mary Marantz of the bride as she preps for her special day!


Image Compliments of Justin and Mary Marantz 

What did you think of these stellar bridal portraits from a few wedding pros? We’re pretty inspired by them, so we hope they ignite your creativity for your upcoming shoots! To create the best images possible for your bride, and throughout the entire wedding day, you must use proper lighting and posing. Grab our free Guide, Pro Photographer Lighting and Posing, to implement new techniques in your shoots!


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