Top 5 Tips for Maximizing Facebook


With 1.49 billion monthly active users on Facebook, there are plenty of opportunities for you to capture the attention of a larger audience than you currently have. Because there are at least 4.75 billion pieces of content shared on a daily basis on Facebook, it is necessary for you to have a strategic business plan in place to reach your ideal clients. As a wedding photographer, Facebook is perfect for you! Not only can you place your content in front of people you already know, you also have the ability to reach their friends.

In our Maximizing Facebook Webinar with our President, Jared Bauman, he shared the various reasons Facebook is ideal for professional wedding photographers. Regardless if you are new to Facebook or if your page is already set up, Jared revealed secrets to creating the most effective business page possible. Here are the top five tips to help you use your Facebook business page to identify and market to your ideal clients.

1. Showcase your Brand

As a photographer, it is important to showcase who you are as a person and a business owner. When you share this information, you are sharing your brand message to attract clients who are perfect for you. There are a few ways to do this on your Facebook page, starting with your cover image and profile photo. Use your cover image to share your brand message by sharing a “Wow” image from a past wedding (after it has been color corrected by a photo editing company), or through creating a headline that describes you best. Your cover image is also a great place to announce your current promotions or what is available for your clients.

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Additionally, your profile photo helps you relate to potential clients. Some business owners choose to use a logo to represent their business. If you are the owner of your business, using a headshot can be more effective for attracting ideal clients.

Tip: If you struggle with design, Jared recommends using to help you create a memorable cover image and profile photo.

2. Direct Potential Clients to Other Platforms

On your Facebook page, you have the option to customize the ordering and creation of tabs. These tabs are located on your page underneath your header image and can direct your followers to the other platforms you own. You can include your Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as link your followers directly to your blog. Think about the tabs on your business page as you would your website. The Timeline is your homepage, the About section is your Bio (since it describes who you are as a photographer and business owner), and the extra tabs you create lead potential clients to get to know you and your work better.

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3. Find the Right Image Posting Option

When you post content to your Facebook page, it is beneficial to include an image to increase your interaction and reach. Although Facebook is constantly changing its rules and guidelines, there are ways for you to quickly place your content in front of a larger audience. On average, Facebook publishes and pushes images higher up in the newsfeed than it does when you just post text and a link. Because of this, your post featuring images will end up in more of your followers’ newsfeeds, encouraging them to like and share it with their friends.

There are two different ways to post an image to Facebook: a link post and an image post. When you use a link post, you type a status update into Facebook and place a link with it. Facebook then finds that link on your website or blog and showcases an image from that page. A link post also pulls the title of your content and shares that and the metadata with your followers. The benefit of using this method to share your content is your followers can click on the image and be directed to your destination URL.

On the other hand, an image post is a great way to feature an image of your choice. When you create an image post, you can select the image from your computer and attach it to your message. Unlike a link post, attaching an image allows you to pick the best image of the wedding day shoot and share it with your followers.

4. Set up Custom Audiences

Since Facebook assists you in reaching your ideal clients, you can take advantage of advanced targeting methods to place your content in front of them. Using the Advertising tab, choose the objectives for your campaign, including your ideal client’s age, gender, relationships status, and connections. Set the qualifications for your target market based on what you know about them. Perhaps your content is geared toward women of a certain age group who live close to your area. Are your ideal clients single in a serious relationship, or engaged and looking for a photographer? Understanding who you want to reach can help you set more targeted campaigns, and can help direct what content you share with them.

Rather than spending time placing content in front of potential clients who are not in your target market, creating a custom audience allows you to reach a specific group of people who fit into your vision of an ideal client.

Tip: Narrow your target audience by adding in specifics. If you know that your blog posts cater to mainly women, make sure to specify that when choosing an audience. This will give you a smaller reach, but allows you to create more of a personal connection with your audience.

5. Boost your Posts

Unlike the earlier days of Facebook, organic reach is not as powerful as it used to be. Boosting your posts is an effective way to place your content in front of ideal clients. When you boost a post, it means you are adding money to ensure your content gets in front of the right people. When boosting your posts, Facebook tells you how many potential clients your post will reach for the amount of money you provide.

Try boosting posts that relate to the custom audience you created. If you are targeting single women who are in a serious relationship, you will want to share content that relates to where they are in their life before the engagement. When your targeting efforts are geared toward engaged couples, you should share content that helps them with their wedding day planning. This helps build trust in you, which will make them more likely to choose you as their wedding photographer.

BONUS: Tag Clients and Vendors in Posts

Because Facebook does not make it easy to tag people on your page, it is important to know hacks that can help you share your content with a larger audience.

  • Click on the post’s image and tag: When you are on your business page, click on a live post. Choose the drop-down arrow that shows your profile icon and change the “Liking and Commenting” part to reflect your personal page. From there, click on the image and select the person’s name that you want to tag.
  • Add who you are “with” in the post: If you cannot tag your image with the first hack, click edit on the post and include who you are “with.” This will allow you to include your clients or vendors in the post.
  • Open the post in a new tab: The final method to try (if the first two do not work) is to go back to the post, right click on the image itself and open it in a new tab. In the new tab, tag your couples, and encourage them to interact with your content to help you reach a larger audience.

If used correctly, Facebook can be a useful tool for your wedding photography business. The more ideal clients you reach, the more you and your business will grow. Learn more about incorporating Facebook into your Marketing plan with our Facebook for the Wedding Photographer Guide!


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