Skyrocketing Your Reach on Social Media Through Contests


In your photography business, are you actively using social media to expand your reach and attract new followers? With over 2 billion people in the world with social media accounts, there is a huge pool of followers you could have! Knowing this, how do you increase your reach and engage even a fraction of these people?

While there are several ways to expand your reach on social media, a great way to engage people is through contests. With contests, you have the ability to not only get in front of your current followers, but their friends and family as well. This can result in obtaining numerous new followers! Done right, you could skyrocket your reach on social media, allowing you to book more weddings and have a strong social presence. Here’s how to create effective contests that will increase your traction on social media.

Set Goals

Before you can successfully expand your reach with contests, you must set goals for each one you execute. What do you want to achieve through them? Are you looking for a certain number of new followers, increased engagement on your blog, or more weddings to book? With your goal, assign a metric (a numerical value) to it. This helps you have a clear and defined goal of what success looks like.

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It is also important to have your workflow under control so that you can place your focus on running contests on social media. In addition to having your images color corrected by a wedding photo editing company, be sure to outsource other areas of your post-shoot workflow that may take up too much of your time.

Organize the Contest

Before holding a contest, you need to figure out the logistics of it. This step is crucial! A well-planned contest will make a huge difference in the number of people that choose to participate in it. By taking time to plan, you can generate a better outcome, making the contest worthwhile. Here are a few items to determine:

  • How people enter: Are they able to submit only their name and email, or are they required to complete additional steps?
  • What the giveaway is: Will you give out one prize (such as a free engagement session), or will you share several prizes (like free prints)?
  • Which platforms to use: Is there a certain social account that you receive the most wedding inquiries from or have the best following on? Use this as your main platform for sharing. It is also encouraged to use multiple platforms to expand your reach!

Spread the Word

Once you have figured out the logistics of the contest and it is set up, spread the word about it! At this point, you want to get this contest in front of as many people as possible. Even if you determine that Facebook is the main platform you are going to use, use your other social accounts to drive traffic to this page! For example, create enticing posts on Twitter and Instagram that link back to your Facebook Page. From here, people can learn about and enter your contest.

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Also, consider emailing your contact list about the contest. Several of these contacts may be past or present couples who trust you and your brand. If they learn that you are having a contest, they may eagerly participate in it. Along with this, they may share it through social media, helping you gain more traction. For example, Dallas Wedding Photographer, Kevin Jairaj, knows his current and past couples are his ideal clients. For him, reaching their unmarried friends is the next logical step in his marketing outreach. He created a series of contests designed for this group of contacts:

“I run contests asking my couples to share blog posts that feature their wedding. When they have at least 10 friends comment or share their post, I reward couples by gifting them with a free print. I’ve booked weddings in London and Trinidad and Tobago from this promotion alone!”

Encourage Sharing

Once the initial word about the contest is live, constant sharing is key! Without the help of people sharing, it can be challenging to gain traction and expand your reach on social media. Continuously encourage people to share the contest with their friends and family. Also, give them an incentive to do this. Make sure that when you design the contest, it is set up in a way that rewards sharing. Allow people to gain additional entries or votes for your contest each time they share it.

Tip: Find an app that gives participants additional entries when they follow you on a certain social media account or each time they share the contest . This way, there are several ways for your followers to participate in the contest and gain entries! Apps such as Rafflecopter are simple to use and customizable.

Keep it Simple

Remember that simple is better, both in how to enter the contest and how to spread the word about it. If people are unclear about what you are giving away or it is too complicated and time-consuming to enter, they will quickly lose interest. If they are not willing to enter, it is unlikely that they will share the contest with their family and friends, making it difficult for your contest to gain a large reach and grow your social media following.

By creating a simple contest that your followers can quickly participate in, they are likely to spread the word about it (especially if it will gain them additional entries!). Also, the less time they are spending on filling out information for the contest, the more time they can spend looking at your website and social media accounts. Since social media is a crucial part of your marketing plan, learn more tips and tricks with our Comprehensive Guide to Social Media!



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