Top 5 Tips for Better Blogging


Blogging is an essential part of being a wedding photography business owner. When you blog effectively, you build your audience and can find ideal clients that will help you grow your business.

In The Secrets of Blogging for the Savvy Photographer Webinar, photographers Jeff and Erin Youngren shared some of the most important blogging tips and tricks to help you find the clients you want to work with. Here are the top 5 tips that will help you improve your blogging.

1. Be strategic

In your blog, be sure to write, post, and build content based on the people you want to photograph. When you are writing content, think of what your clients would like to read or like to see. Knowing your audience is an important part of your business strategy, as it will lead you to ideal clients. Take some time to figure out who your ideal client is and create content that you know they would enjoy reading.

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Brides may spend hours cataloging through various websites, such as Pinterest, to get ideas for their wedding images. Pictures of the dress, getting ready, candid friends and family photos, and first kiss will be on most of your clients’ lists. Use your blog to showcase these types of images that best represent you and your brand.

“They have a picture of happiness in their head, and with the blog, you are able to present a picture of happiness and show them how you are able to fulfill what it is that they’re looking for.”

-Erin Youngren

2. Be genuine

Your writing can represent your personality and help you connect with your clients. Your clients want to see that you are human, and by taking the time to write, you can provide an emotional connection through words as well as the images. Every photographer can provide images, so show clients that you are creative and can offer more than other wedding photographers in the industry with your words.

3. Be consistent

Creating a schedule for your blogging will be an essential part of your success. Choose the best times and days to post to your blog and stick to it. Try to make your blogging goals as realistic as possible to avoid becoming overwhelmed – if you know you only have time to post two times a week, do not create a schedule that exceeds this. Another way to stay consistent in your blogging is to always link back to your website in any type of post on social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are effective media outlets for blogging and connecting with your clients. Share your blog posts through these social sites to gain traction, and encourage your followers to share your posts.

4. Start a series

It’s important to blog about things other than wedding photography. Start a series about something that is personal to you as a photographer. The Youngrens have a series called Recipe Sunday, where Erin takes creative pictures of food that she has put together. If you are not much of a cook, try photographing beautiful locations that you visit. When you capture creative images, your clients can imagine how you would shoot the details on their wedding day. Using this blogging tip will allow clients to relate to your brand as well as your personality.

5. Be systematic in your workflow

It’s crucial that you set yourself up with systems to manage your workflow. Asana is a task management tool that allows you to assign tasks and due dates, and it also allows you to schedule as far out as necessary to stay ahead with your blogging.

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BlogStomp is a tool to help you get images prepared beforehand. If you outsource photo editing to ShootDotEdit, you can take the Lightroom Catalog you received back and export your images from Lightroom to BlogStomp. This will save you time, especially when you are uploading blog posts on a weekly basis.

Now that you have the top 5 tips on effective blogging, implement these tricks into your next post! Download our Guide to Marketing for Wedding Photographers to learn about additional ways to promote your business through your blog!


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