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When it comes to your post production, we know trusting an expert is a big step. One of the reasons that clients book you is for the way you edit the images to be unique for your brand, and it can be challenging to trust a company with this area of your business – we totally understand that! We get it – more than you think! Our Founders Garrett and Jared came from successful wedding photography studios… studios that were successful and yet simultaneously bogged down by post production! Don’t just take it from us. Here’s how a few industry leader photographers skyrocketed their business growth by partnering with ShootDotEdit:

Given that the UNLIMITED Plan is Risk Free, you have no reason not to sign up. Get One Month Free now!

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How we Know you’ll Love it

We want you to love each and every job you receive back from ShootDotEdit, so we created DotPreviews. With each DotPreview, we will select 10 images from your event and provide you with a sample edit of your chosen Color Profile. If necessary, we will repeat this process until you’re entirely happy with the DotPreview! This way, you can be confident in knowing that your completed job will look awesome. Take a look at what some of the pros have to say about our DotPreview service:

Have you gotten that email or Facebook message from a client? “When will I be able to see my wedding pictures?” Sometimes, it comes before you’ve even started working on the images! Don’t they know you have several other weddings in the queue before theirs! And yet, the longer they have to wait, the less they talk about you and their experience. Their excitement starts to wane as your anxiety increases. Nowadays, clients can’t seem to get their images fast enough. Here is one thing we know…. faster turnaround time provides for happier clients. And happier clients spend more money. Here’s how wedding photographer Corrado Amenta from Miami, Florida saw a faster turnaround time play out:AmentaCentered_Photog_Banner

Wedding Photographer Corrado Amenta was concerned that hiring an expert for his post-production meant that he had to sacrifice quality. He knew he needed a better solution for delivering images to clients in a timelier manner, so he took the leap in deciding to trust an expert with his editing. He found that ShootDotEdit did not only have a turnaround time as fast as 48 hours, but they also delivered back images that were consistently awesome. With the help of ShootDotEdit, he was able to optimize his workflow and decrease his personal turnaround time from 30 days to 1 week. Because Corrado could focus his time on areas of his business that generated a profit, he is able to shoot 50% less weddings and earn 2 times the revenue.

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Jason and Gina Grubb had a streamlined workflow and had concerns about paying someone else to do something they knew they could quickly do on their own. They also knew that every minute spent in front of the computer editing was time they were not growing their business. They made the leap to incorporate ShootDotEdit into their workflow – not only did they reduce their editing time from 8 hours to 1 hour, but they saw their consistency increase as well! With their extra time, they started an Associate program and doubled the number of weddings shot. In addition, their income tripled the first year of using ShootDotEdit.

The clock is ticking, so jump on board and get One Month FREE now. Our UNLIMITED Plan is Risk Free, and you don’t have to pay for your first month! Stop the late nights of editing and focus on growing your business. Join the thousands of photographers that changed their lives and businesses as a result of trusting a post production partner.

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