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“Be Yourself — The Rest Will Follow”

Featuring Jorge Santiago Photography

be yourself

We have all heard someone say to us once – “just be yourself!” But it’s not always easy! Who is it you want to be? What does “be yourself” mean to you? Many of us try to emulate our elders and some tried to be like that one cool classmate — the classmate who received all the attention and had a big group of friends. Many of us would understand the struggle of trying to be like that person — AKA just trying to fit in. But that isn’t really being yourself.

Jorge Santiago experienced this when he migrated from Mexico to the US. But this was no small classroom affair. It was a totally different country, a different culture, and a different language. What made it more difficult for Jorge was the fact that he wasn’t even fluent in English. He tried hard to fit in, to blend in the crowd and find work as a photographer. His success came only when he finally embraced being himself.

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