Reception Lighting

Fast 5: Reception Lighting for Pro Wedding Photographers

Reception Lighting for Pro Wedding Photographers
Photo by Alistair Jones of @ideal_imaging_photography

When it comes to Reception Lighting for Pro Wedding Photographers, depending on the venue and time-of-day, sometimes all you need is an on-camera flash and maybe a couple off-camera as well. 

It can be tough to nail the lighting down just right, but to help you out, we’ve put together 5 quick tips to help you get the perfect light at your receptions — everytime.

And now – ShootDotEdit’s Fast Five — 5 useful quick tips you can apply to your photography business right now!

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Reception Lighting Tips for Photographers: 4 Scenarios to Practice

reception lighting

There are several lighting scenarios you can face during the wedding day. Some of those moments will provide you with challenging elements you need to overcome with specific lighting techniques. One of the most challenging parts of the wedding day to capture is the reception. This part of the wedding day is fast-paced and often features unfavorable reception lighting scenarios. When you are faced with difficult lighting scenarios, it can be valuable to learn how to overcome the issue and produce the best light possible for your images.

In her final post of the Wedding Lighting Master Class series, ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers, shares reception lighting tips for photographers. She will share 4 wedding reception lighting setup scenarios you can practice. Keep reading to learn more.

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