Photography Lighting Basics

Best Photography Lighting for Cold, Rainy, or Snowy Wedding Portraits

best photography lighting for cold, rainy, or snowy portraits

Depending on your location, and the time of year, there is a chance you will need to learn how to shoot in unfavorable weather. And since lighting photography is challenging enough without difficult weather, we reached out to a wedding pro to gain the best photography lighting tips to help you shoot in even the worst scenarios.

In her latest article with us, ShootDotEdit Pro, Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers, has expert tips on how to create the best lighting for cold, rainy, and snowy wedding portraits. If you haven’t read the other 4 posts in this series, see them below:

1. Bridal Prep and Details
2. Family Formals
3. Wedding Party
4. Reception Details

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Top 5 Tips: Photography Lighting Basics for Any Location

photography lighting basics

Knowing photography lighting basics to use to light your subject, regardless of the situation you are in, can often be challenging. There are several variables to consider, from determining what your flash settings should be, to knowing if you should use a reflector, to using the proper placement of your subject in relation to the light. Add a wedding day timeline into the mix, and you can be left feeling quite overwhelmed. How can you work with light in the proper way to help you create images you desire?

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