Business Tips for Wedding Photographers

10 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Bride & Groom

Ways to Say Thank You

Everyone loves hearing a resounding Thank You — especially your wedding clients. They love it when you tell them you enjoyed being their wedding photographer! After all, you played a significant part in their love story. Thanking your brides and grooms show them that you really care and this wasn’t just another job for you… it’s also a way to get loads more referrals!

You are the one who, through your photography, immortalizes the moments lived by them. You capture the emotions experienced by them during their engagement or wedding day and they’ve probably built up a TON of respect for the work you do. Now, all you have to do is to thank them, and there are several great ways to do this. 

Read below for ShootDotEdit’s 10 favorite ways to thank your wedding couples!

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How to Build Trust with Wedding Vendors

And How Wedding Vendors Benefit Your Photography Business

Wedding Vendors

You know you have worked with wedding vendors that you love – and maybe some that you don’t – time and again. They work hard to help the wedding day run smoothly and can be your best asset on the wedding day.

When two people fall in love and decide to tie the knot, often they don’t realize how much work takes place behind the scenes on the big day. You have wedding planners, wedding coordinators, wedding photographers, caterers, videographers — the list goes on and on.

After all, this can be one of the biggest days in a couple’s life! And the professionals that work behind the scenes to make it all possible must execute their jobs with absolute precision.

These professionals are the wedding vendors. Each vendor has a role of their own and once a couple hires them, they immediately get to work. Everything they do plays a part in creating a smooth wedding day for the couple as well as their guests.

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FAST 5: How Long do You Spend Editing Wedding Photos?

Editing Wedding Photos?

How long do you spend editing wedding photos? Editing wedding photos is one of the most time-consuming aspects of your post-wedding workflow. Every minute you spend editing is time not spent growing your photography business. It can be detrimental to your success and your workflow!

So let’s go over 5 ways outsourcing can help you stop editing Wedding photos and instead grow your business while saving you time and headaches. Want to know more about ShootDotEdit the editing services origin story? check out this blog post on ShootDotEdit!

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Your Engagement Photography Workflow

Engagement Photography Workflow

As a wedding photographer, Engagement Photography Workflow is part of being organized. Without keeping a list of your assignments, it can be tough to complete work on time. Some tasks may fall by the wayside while others are downright forgotten. This can be a problem when your clients are eager to receive their galleries.

Running a wedding photography business is a challenge. You must provide a great client experience while also networking, marketing, shooting, editing, and so much more. So it’s important to have a plan, especially when it comes to your photography sessions.

Today we want to cover engagement sessions. Everything from initial contact to delivery of the final edited images. Great planning and execution of your engagement sessions will mean a lot to your clients. It could also be the deciding factor of whether you’ll capture their upcoming wedding or not.

So read on to make sure your engagement sessions are a positive experience for both you and your clients. Want more on Wedding Day Workflow? Check this blog post out!

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