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Adventure Wedding Photographers: Staying Authentic to Attract the Right Clients

Adventure Wedding Photographers

Adventure Wedding Photographers
Jelger Vitt & Tanja Aelbrecht

Being adventure wedding photographers goes hand in hand with loving adventure and expecting the unexpected. Knowing when to go for that epic action shot on a cliffside, or pausing to capture a quiet moment in a meadow is something Jelger and Tanja Wedding Photographers seem to have mastered. Scrolling through the images on their website feels more like escaping into an adventure travel brochure than viewing a wedding portfolio.

Jelger Vitt and Tanja Aelbrecht make up adventure wedding photographers “Jelger and Tanja”, a husband and wife team based in Vancouver, Canada and they pride themselves on being known as wedding photography company catering to spontaneous and adventurous couples, just like them. The lifelong adventurers quit their jobs and moved from Belgium to Canada to start their photography business more than 7 years ago. It was a big risk, but one they suggest everyone try.

“We believe in starting over in a foreign country with your partner at least once.” 

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