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3 Tricks to Make your Couples Laugh


Often times, the bride and groom are initially nervous around you and in front of the camera. If your clients are stiff and uncomfortable, your images may not be as powerful as they could be. The more relaxed your couple is, the easier it will be for you to pose them and capture their genuine emotion. One of the best ways to lighten the mood is to get your couple laughing.

Virginia wedding photographer, Katelyn James, knows how to get your couples to laugh and enjoy themselves during the shoot. Today, we’re excited to have her share 3 tricks to easily make your couples laugh.



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1. Feel Comfortable with Couples

I was once asked, “How do you get your clients to LAUGH?!” This is a great question because I often forget this does not come naturally to everyone. Some newer photographers are nervous when they shoot and so being “funny” and “engaging” with their clients is uncomfortable at first. I think there are several variants which come into play when it comes to photographers photographing GENUINE laughs. There is not a magic formula or an “easy button” for this and every couple is different.


Image Compliments of Katelyn James

However, I do think that EVERY photographer HAS to be personable. This is non-negotiable. If you are a wedding and/or portrait photographer and you don’t really love being around PEOPLE, then you need to purchase an epic zoom lens and start photographing sports and landscapes. (Not that sports or landscape photographers aren’t personable… but they don’t HAVE to be in order to do their job well:)


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7 Ways to Prep Your Couples for the Pre Wedding Photoshoot

prep couples for the pre wedding photoshoot

When the bride and groom first reach out to you, you have the opportunity to get to know them and form a meaningful relationship. One of the first times you will work with your couple is during their pre wedding photoshoot. This is an important shoot to master because it will set the tone for the rest of the wedding process. A Customer of ShootDotEdit, a photographer editor company, and a Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, Leeann Marie has a plan in place to educate her clients about the process before, during, and after the pre wedding picture session.

leeann marie headshot



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4 Tips to Capturing Killer Ceremony Details


During the wedding day shoot, there are various moments which require you to capture specific details from each part of the day. These details range from the bride’s dress and the groom’s tux, to the bridesmaids’ flowers, and the wedding cake and the table decor. Capturing details during the wedding day enhances your storytelling ability, creating a picture for your couple when they receive their images from you.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we’ve discussed how to shoot details such as the wedding rings and other getting ready items. Today, we’re excited to feature photography duo, Amy and Jordan Demos, who are going to share with you how you can document the important details of the wedding ceremony. Here are Amy and Jordan’s 4 tips to capturing killer ceremony details every time.



Our brides, their planners, and their floral designers spend months dreaming up the perfect ceremony decor, which is why we are committed to capturing killer images to show off all their hard work! These photos always make it into our couple’s album, and frequently end up being featured on the websites of the creative team AND on national inspiration blogs, so we have lots of reasons to make sure we are proud of them!


Image Compliments of Amy and Jordan Demos


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Strategically Telling a Story Through Pictures with Fundy Software

telling a story through pictures

During the wedding day shoot, are you taking the steps to telling a story through pictures to later use in your client’s wedding album? Creating albums for clients after you receive your images back from a company that specializes in wedding photography edit services gives them timeless memories from their day, and album sales help you increase your overall profit.

Telling a Story Through Pictures

Andrew Funderburg, founder of Fundy Software, is a photographer who knows exactly how to shoot for the album design during the wedding day. So you can start identifying the best moments to capture, Andrew shares how you can strategically capture pictures that tell a story during the wedding day. 

andrew funderburg headshot



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Top 5 Tips for Reinventing your Brand


As a wedding photographer, what helps you stand out from others in the industry? Setting yourself apart from photographers who have similar qualities as you can give you an advantage when it comes to attracting and booking your ideal clients. Although discovering your unique qualities helps you and your business, it can sometimes become difficult to create a new strategy to market your brand.

In our Live Event Recording with legendary photographer, Joe Buissink, he shared how you can reinvent your brand and make it new again. Your past work speaks to who you are and the experience your clients will have when they book you. So you can properly use your content to attract the clients you want to work with, here are the top 5 tips for reinventing your brand.

1. Find Unique Qualities

As you begin to reinvent your brand, look at your past images and study them. After a bit of studying time, you will find yourself in every one of those photos. This helps you find your unique qualities because it gives you a look into why you shoot the way you do.

“You cannot possibly hit the shutter without leaving a piece of you in the image.” – Joe Buissink

When you study your photos, think about why you take certain shots. What from your background makes you who you are? Because your experiences shape you as a photographer today, your style will be represented in your photos.


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6 Simple Ways to Select the Best Black and White Images


When a typical wedding shoot is over, how many images do you usually upload onto your computer? Chances are, you shot thousands of photos for the event; some from the getting ready, the ceremony, the reception, and the exit. After you send your images to a photo editing company, like ShootDotEdit, you receive back color corrected photos which you can then add your artistic style to.

Depending on your style, you may consider converting some of your images to black and white. Choosing which images should be black and white can be an easy process, as long as you know what to look for. So you can quickly work on your images during your post-wedding photos, here are 6 simple ways to select the best black and white images.

1. Shoot for Black and White

As you shoot the wedding day, pay attention to the moments and photos you are capturing. Just as you should shoot for the story of the wedding day, shoot for images which would look best black and white. After you snap a few photos, take a look at your camera to see what they look like. Training your eye to know what moments would translate properly into black and white can help you immensely during your post-wedding workflow.

wedding ceremony bride and father

Image by David West Photography


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Top 5 Tips: In Person Sales for Wedding Photography Business Owners

in person sales photography

When you decided to become a photography business owner, there may have been a few areas which you were unsure of, specifically in person photography sales. As the artist behind the camera, do you desire to reach out and master in person sales photography but feel uncomfortable doing so? What if you could create a service for your clients rather than feeling like a pushy salesperson?


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How to Keep your Gear Safe in Dangerous Conditions

keep photography gear safe in dangerous conditions

As a wedding photographer, your photography gear is part of the reason you have the ability to take gorgeous photos. Regardless of how expensive or new your equipment is, keeping your gear safe is crucial. When you shoot the engagement session or wedding day, there is always a chance you may be working in conditions which are not ideal, especially for the safety of your gear. Purchasing gear can become quite the expense for your business, so replacing it every time you shoot in unpleasant weather may not necessarily be feasible for your bottom line.


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8 Secrets to Shooting Stellar Portraits in the Snow


When you shoot the wedding day for your couple, it is not always easy to know exactly what the weather will be like. Depending on where your target market is, you could shoot one wedding in the sun and the next in the rain or snow. Knowing how to shoot in any weather condition is key to growing as a photographer and booking clients who are perfect for you.

Shooting in the snow can be an opportunity for you to capture unique and gorgeous photos. But, what happens when a shoot in the snow does not turn out as planned? Learning the best ways to handle this type of shoot can help you document every important moment, regardless of the weather conditions. So you can get started shooting in the snow today, here are 8 secrets to shooting stellar portraits in the snow.

1. Arrive with a Plan

Even if you are a photographer who is a comfortable shooting in colder weather, arriving at the shoot with a cohesive plan can help make your time move quickly. The same can be said for your couple; they may be used to the winter weather and snow, but probably never had to stand still, smile, and pose for the camera during those type of conditions. If it is an engagement session, the bride and groom can be more bundled than usual, but their faces will still be exposed to the cold for a period of time. On the wedding day, the bride is wearing her dress which is light and not proper attire for the cold. She will probably not have too much to cover her since a jacket will take away from the details of her dress. Avoid any discomfort for you and your couple by planning out the engagement session or wedding shoot.


Image Compliments of Jason and Gina Grubb


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8 Ways to Constructively Critique your Images


With every year that passes, the wedding photography industry changes and it becomes necessary for you to improve or optimize your shooting techniques. One of the best ways to do this is to take images from the past year and critique each and every one based on their technical, emotional, and storytelling qualities. You are your harshest critic, and with proper instruction on how to make productive critiques to your photos, you have the ability to advance your skills for the next wedding season. So you can grow more as a photographer this year, we’ve put together 8 ways to constructively critique your images.

1. Analyze Lighting

In photography, lighting can be challenging to master. Looking at your images from last year should include paying attention to how you used the light. Did you work with the natural lighting or was off-camera lighting necessary to overcome the harsh lighting? Also check to see if you utilized the best type of light for the situation you were in. Analyze all of the images which utilize your lighting skills; were there hot spots on certain areas of the photo which took your attention away from the bride and groom? The light should draw your attention to a certain part of the image, so you want to make sure you were intentional with how the light was used.


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