Rollover Plan One Month Free June 2016


You get back from shooting yet another amazing wedding, one that rocked your world. Just like the multiple weddings you have already had this year, now starts the work. The real work (not the fun part). Don’t you hate it when you spend 20 hours editing that very same wedding, and you realize in the 19th hour that, instead of editing, you could have been shooting more the entire time? And it’s just started… busy season is just beginning. Think of how many hours this summer you could be spending on other profit-generating tasks?

We understand. We get that you are an artist, and editing the images is a part of the process in delivering that art to your clients. We also understand that it takes a lot of your time, and, more importantly, takes your time away from shooting more. You don’t have to sell out as an artist when you trust ShootDotEdit with your post production. Our custom color correction is focused on matching your style, which means you don’t have to compromise.

And now, for the last time ever, we’re offering you One Month Free on the Rollover Plan… Risk Free! But this offer only until June 30th!


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Why is the Rollover Plan perfect?

  • Color Correction for only $119/Wedding!
  • Submit 1 Wedding OR 2 Portrait Sessions
  • Unused Credits Rollover (you never lose them!)

With a very very busy wedding season coming up, this will help you survive the 2016. And, if there is a month you don’t have a wedding shoot to submit, you can either submit two portrait sessions or… and we’re not making this up… your unused credits rollover to the next month! As long as you’re a ShootDotEdit Subscriber, your unused credits will never expire!

Sign up now to get One Month Free!



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How we Match your Style

We know that as a wedding photographer that is constantly shooting, you have a unique style and brand that you worked hard to develop, and we want you to keep your Signature Style! That’s why we have developed our Color Wizard, which allows you to tell us how you want your images edited. Yes, we mean it when we say custom color correction.

Our Color Wizard provides you with control and flexibility so you can tell us how you like your images to be color corrected. We will color correct your images according to your personal Color Profile and make your images look consistent across the board!

Not only does ShootDotEdit handle the bulk of the work involved in consistent color correction, you also receive our newest service, Extra, complimentary with your Subscription! Extra is a simple way for you to share your images with clients and their loved ones after the wedding day. The best part? We do all of the Marketing for you. Here’s what industry expert and photographer Jared Platt has to say about ShootDotEdit’s marketing:


With summertime here, so are those late nights of editing. Busy season brings long hours, lots of coffee, and more than a few moments of utter exhaustion. It’s hard not to think to yourself, “I got in this to be a photographer, not an editor!” Jared Bauman, a Co-Founder of ShootDotEdit, described his final busy season before he started ShootDotEdit: “It wasn’t so bad as the summer began – I actually enjoyed the adrenaline rush of being busy. But as the season wore on, I wore down. Late nights and endless editing started to make me bitter, and I worried I would burn out.”


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We Know you’ll Love it

Letting go of the color correction is difficult, and we know how to make that transition as smooth as possible for you! If it’s your first time trusting someone else with your post production, it can be scary to send it off and not know what its going to come back looking like. Can someone else really do my color correction? How will I know I’m going to like it? Don’t worry, we know your worry. And, we have a solution – DotPreview. 🙂

With each DotPreview, we will select 10 images from your event and provide you with a sample edit of your chosen Color Profile, and we’ll do it in one business day. You get to see how your custom color corrections look, right away. Like what you see? We’ll get started right away. Not sure? We’ll keep redoing your DotPreview until you’re happy. This way, you can be confident in knowing that your completed job will look awesome. That’s also how we know you’ll love your color corrections. QuoteFranceBlog_Banner

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Go figure – keeping up with all of your weddings is a full time job!

And who has time for growing, managing, and organizing a business when you have to edit so much! Marketing, networking, blogging, selling prints – these things tend to fall at the wayside during the busy season, as editing takes the priority. But in the back of your mind, you know that have to spend time doing these things, or else you won’t have any business next year!

The only problem is that you have to focus on growing your business. You are only getting paid when you are shooting, not when you are editing the numerous amounts of events you have!

You’re not alone. It’s a problem that torments every photographer. And yet, photographer after photographer that trusted ShootDotEdit saw their business grow…. significantly. Jason Grubb focused on growth and tripled revenue. Sara France added two associates and expanded into new markets.

And now with Extra, we take care of your print sales for you! ShootDotEdit is known as one of the best marketers in the industry, and now we’re going to do that for you too. For free. This complimentary service will market on your behalf, and the result will be checks arriving on your door every month! With more money from print sales and less editing on your plate, you can start focusing on more important items.


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Will this Really Help My Business?

Wedding Photographer Leeann Marie found herself becoming overwhelmed with the time she spent in her office working on tasks that were not adding value to her business.

Rather than marketing, generating album sales, and creating relationships, she was working long hours editing. When Leeann heard about ShootDotEdit’s Plans, she crunched some numbers and realized that financially, it would be crazy to not sign up for it.

With the help of ShootDotEdit, Leeann was able to bring on 2 associate photographers and reduce her time in the office by 60%. She has built the business she envisioned when she began, and she has the freedom to focus on areas to continually scale her business.


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Have you gotten that email or Facebook message from a client? “When will I be able to see my wedding pictures?” Sometimes, it comes before you’ve even started working on the images! Don’t they know you have several other weddings in the queue before theirs! And yet, the longer they have to wait, the less they talk about you and their experience. Their excitement starts to wane as your anxiety increases.

Nowadays, clients can’t seem to get their images fast enough. Here is one thing we know… faster turnaround time provides for happier clients. And happier clients spend more money. ShootDotEdit provides turnaround time as fast as 48 hours! And that means your clients will be singing your praises immediately!


You only have until June 30th to receive One Month Free for your Rollover Plan… Risk Free! Sign up today and get your free month.

Remember, your credits rollover so you can be prepared for the majority of your weddings. Take advantage of our last One Month Free offer to make a huge change in your business!