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Elopements and Small Weddings: How To

Elopements and Small Weddings

Elopements and Small Weddings: Featuring Carrie Ann Doyle

How to successfully photograph elopements and small weddings is a specialty of Carrie Ann Doyle. Living only 12 miles from one of America’s most picturesque national parks, Carrie Ann Doyle is uniquely positioned to capture the kind of “Adventure” wedding photography only seen in magazines.

Her first elopement shoot in the Glacier National Park was featured on Huffington Post Weddings and used by the official Glacier National Park tourism department for advertising weddings. Carrie has been a successful wedding photographer for 12 years, specializing in elopements for the last several years. So who better than Carrie to give us some tips on how to successfully photograph elopements.  We’ll let her take it from here.

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How to Set Up and Shoot a First Look for Wedding Photographers

first look wedding photography tips

As a wedding photographer, every client you book will have unique timelines, ideas, and expectations for their big day. One of the differences your client may have in their timeline is whether or not they will take part in a first look wedding photography session. A wedding first look is when the bride and groom decide to see each other before the ceremony in their wedding attire. The main purpose of a first look is to allow the couple to experience this special time privately and more intimately.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we see plenty of first look wedding photos as a part of our color correction services for photographers. And since we know it can be one of the most important parts of the wedding day, we reached out to Ruth Terrero of Ruth Terrero Photography, a wedding photographer who is no stranger to mastering the first look, to gather her insights on the best ways to set up and shoot the first look for your clients.

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23 Tips for Successfully Shooting Winter Wedding Photography

winter wedding photography

Here at ShootDotEdit, we provide photo color correction services for wedding photographers. We also partner with wedding pros to discuss topics that are most relevant to you and your photography. When the cold and, depending on where you live, snowy winter months arrive, there are several challenges that may arise during your wedding shoots. To gain insights into successfully shooting winter wedding photography, we reached out to Adam Shea of Adam Shea Photography. As a Wisconsin-based photographer, Adam has extensive experience photographing weddings and engagements in extremely cold conditions.

 Read below to find tips and tricks that will make your life, and your client’s experience, a much happier one.

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How to Shoot a Wedding: 18 of the Best Wedding Photography Tips

Graphic displaying how to shoot a wedding

As a pro photographer, knowing the ins and outs of how to shoot a wedding is crucial for capturing the best images possible. Here at ShootDotEdit, we know there are several options photographing a wedding. In addition to providing you with wedding photo editing services, we love to connect with other vendors and pros in the industry to gain valuable information on topics that are relevant to your photography business.

That’s why we reached out to our friends at The Lake House, Guest Cottages of the Berkshires, a venue who hosts weddings throughout the year and works hand-in-hand with photographers. Today, they will share their insights into how to shoot a wedding, including 18 of the best wedding photography tips for you to use. Read on to learn their tips on how to take great wedding photos your clients will love.

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Simple Tips for Finding Places to Take Pictures Near You

Graphic displaying places to take pictures near me/you

As a wedding photographer, you might Google places to take pictures near me when you desire to find unique shooting locations for your couple. Sometimes, this can be a challenge. As the years go by, clients tend to request the same locations. And, you are required to capture unique images they love each and every time. Or, if you are lucky, they might turn to you for advice. Often times, it can be difficult to think of new and amazing photo locations each and every time.

Outside of our wedding photo editing services, we connect with industry leaders to bring you valuable information to use in your photography business. To help us out with finding the best shooting locations, we brought in Melissa Jill Photography, an established Arizona wedding photographer. She is going to break down a ton of tips and tricks for finding great photography locations.

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Online Training: How to Conquer Real Wedding Day Challenges for Photographers

wedding day challenges

Unexpected issues happen to every photographer; it’s an inevitable part of the wedding day shoot. From timelines falling behind to unpredicted weather, to harsh or non-existent light, there are plenty of challenges that arise. And with multiple weddings on your plate this busy season, chances are you will encounter quite a few more. Because you still need to be prepared and capture memorable images for your couples, how can you overcome any issue that comes your way?


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