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Online Training: How to Conquer Real Wedding Day Challenges for Photographers

wedding day challenges

Unexpected issues happen to every photographer; it’s an inevitable part of the wedding day shoot. From timelines falling behind, to unpredicted weather, to harsh or non-existent light, there are plenty of challenges that arise. And with multiple weddings on your plate this busy season, chances are you will encounter quite a few more. Because you still need to be prepared and capture memorable images for your couples, how can you overcome any issue that comes your way?


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Challenges Wedding Photographers Face During the Bridal Prep Photos

challenges during the bridal prep photos

More often than not, wedding days are hectic. Running behind, forgetting things, too much to get done in too short of a time period – all of these are too common on a wedding day. And, often this starts before the wedding ceremony ever begins. It starts early on the morning of the wedding, when the bride and her family and friends gather to start getting ready.

For a wedding photographer, the getting ready section of the day can produce some of the most intimate and artistic images from the entire day. However, there are a lot of challenges that can come with shooting the getting ready images. Today we want talk about 4 of the biggest challenges that happen during the bridal prep photos, and solutions to overcome them.

Problem #1

The room is a disaster.

You walk into the room the bride is getting ready in, and your heart sinks. You look around and see a mess everywhere. It could be the byproduct of a hotel room that is way too small for the number of people it has in it. It could be a byproduct of everyone running behind and not picking up after themselves. Either way, the room is a disaster, and you have to create lasting images with a challenging backdrop.


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Behind-the-Scenes with Scott Robert Lim – Shooting with Mirrorless Cameras: Should You Do It?

As a wedding photographer, there are plenty of options for the gear you use. This is especially true when it comes to your camera. With all of the options available for cameras, it’s important to choose one that you are comfortable with, and one that helps you quickly shoot through the wedding day. Although the camera you choose is not a reflection of your skill level, choosing the best one for you can make you more efficient. Often times, it can be helpful to hear from industry leaders to see what type of gear they chose to give you options when it comes time to replace your current camera.

We recently sat down with international photographer and educator, Scott Robert Lim, to discuss the camera he uses. Below, he shares the reasons he shoots with mirrorless and the impact it has on his shoots and photography. Read through to decide whether mirrorless is the best choice for you and your wedding photography business.


Why is mirrorless the future? You can…

Travel and Shoot with Ease

One of the first benefits I like about the mirrorless camera is that it is a lot lighter. Shooting weddings is a very physical activity. It’s like running a marathon. When you’re shooting multiple weddings every year, after a while, it wears on your body. A camera that is lighter helps you move around and take the shots you need, while providing less strain on your body.

wedding image outdoor photography

Image Compliments of Scott Robert Lim


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24 Detail Shots to Capture from Every Wedding

wedding photography tips

At a wedding, every little detail is planned. From the guest list to the attire to the fold of the napkins. The planning that goes into most weddings is the culmination of countless decisions and immeasurable effort. Wedding photography tips geared toward capturing the most important moments are essential to your success.

Wedding Photography Tips

As the wedding photographer, you get to be the one to document the day as it all comes together. It’s your job to help encapsulate all the tiny little nuances that many, your bride included, may overlook. Here at ShootDotEdit, we provide online photo editing services for wedding photographers. We also connect with industry leaders who can help you achieve your goals for both your business and photography. In this blog post, Mike Duval of LensProToGo will cover the basic wedding details you should be looking for and how to capture them.

lensprotogo headshot


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Training Your Second Shooter: How to Make Them an Essential Member of Your Team

Have you ever had a negative experience with a second shooter? Maybe you differed in style, used conflicting techniques, or had opposite personalities. Either way, creating a seamless working relationship with your second shooter is a key element for success.

A second shooter is more than just someone to help you capture standard images. They can help you capture creative photos you may not have the angle for, and they can help you work with the couple and their family during family formals and other portraits taken throughout the day. If trained correctly, your second shooter can be an asset to you. In our Ultimate Guide to Second Shooters, we share how to find, train, and empower your second shooter. Here are a few tips to get you started to make your second shooter an essential member of your team.

Show Past Examples

When you explain your style, it can be difficult for your second shooter to fully grasp what you describe (not because they are amateurs, but because you are unique from other photographers in the industry). You can set clear expectations for your images when you showcase past examples of your work, as well as the images from other second shooters you have worked with.

wedding beach image

Image Compliments of France Photographers


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Melissa Jill’s 5 Tips for Shooting Strategically for Your Blog

Here at ShootDotEdit, we provide wedding photography post production services, and we also enjoy sharing relevant tips and tricks that can help you grow your business. Today, we are focusing on the images you take during your shoots and how you can use them to create blog posts that attract ideal clients. Just like you should shoot for the album during the wedding day, you should also look for images for your blog. To provide you with helpful tips, we reached out to wedding photographer Melissa Jill to gain her insights into how to shoot strategically for your blog posts.




How many of you LOVE the work of shooting, but tend to avoid the work of blogging like it’s the plague? Truth be told, shooting and blogging are two entirely different things; yet both are essential for successful photography careers in this age of online marketing. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years and can safely say I’ve learned a thing …or five in the process!

Consistent blogging can have a huge impact on your photography business, but it can be difficult to know how to use it to its full potential. One piece of the blogging puzzle is learning how to showcase your work in a visually stunning way in to entice readers to return again and again. Featuring your work intentionally and artistically can help you earn the respect and confidence of potential clients! So, how is this best accomplished? A great post originates at the very beginning. It starts at your shoot! Here are 5 tips for shooting with your blog in mind to best capture and convey the story.


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7 Must-Have Angles to Capture During the Wedding Ceremony

Throughout the wedding day, there are various, important moments to capture for your couple. The ceremony is one of the most memorable times for your couple and their loved ones and it can provide you with some of the best picture-taking opportunities. It is a great opportunity for you to showcase the genuine emotion from everyone involved, which adds to the overall story of their day.


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