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How to Create a Successful Social Media Strategy


As a busy wedding photographer, your calendar is full with client meetings, marketing, blogging, and most importantly, weddings. With everything needing your attention at once, it can be challenging to keep track of everything you need to do, especially small day-to-day tasks such as social media. This is understandable, but the good news is there are ways you can avoid forgetting, and instead, continuously stay relevant in the minds of your past, present, and future clients!

Creating a social media schedule for your business is extremely helpful in assisting you with maintaining a consistent and successful workflow. This is one of the benchmark steps in a successful content marketing strategy, which is why we’ve developed 4 steps to help you figure out what works best for you and your business.

1. Decide on your Social Platforms

Before you can determine how often you are posting, you will first need to know what platforms work best for your business. You want your images to make a connection with your audience, and social media platforms are extremely helpful for several reasons. Instagram allows you to share your photos instantly with other users. You can also use Twitter for the same purpose, as well interacting with your followers. Facebook is also great for this because you can use it for contests that engage people in your feed. [···]

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4 Secrets to Optimize your Facebook Fan Page


Facebook is an essential resource for you as a wedding photography business owner. With at least 350 million people logging in every month, you have the opportunity to capture the attention of ideal clients around the world! Facebook doesn’t allow users to do business on their personal pages, so it is necessary for you to create a customized Facebook page that is catered to your ideal clients. Since you’ve made the decision to outsource your wedding photo editing, you can take these 4 tips and customize your Facebook fan page.

1. Include a branded cover image

One of the most important parts of your Facebook page is your cover image. Make sure that you design a Facebook cover image that takes into consideration that there is a headshot in the left corner of the space – meaning you want to avoid creating an image that is blocked by the photo or other tabs. As you choose the image that will represent you and your business, find an image that reflects you as a wedding photographer.

Photographer Ning Wong has a cover image on his fan page that is simple, but represents his brand and what type of images he will shoot for clients. The simplicity of his cover image shows his followers that he pays attention to detail and will do the same in their wedding shoot. [···]

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Top 5 Tips for Pinterest


As a wedding photographer, it is vital to be present on social media. We have shared how to use Facebook and Instagram to grow your business, and now we want to share how you can utilize Pinterest to market your business. Pinterest is a social media platform with 70 million (and climbing!) users that can drive potential clients to your website. Not only can you share your content with a larger audience, but you can also reach potential clients that may never have found you before!

In our Pinterest for the Wedding Pro Webinar, Colorado wedding photographer Jason Grubb discussed how to use pins to attract traffic back to your website. We’ve gathered the top 5 tips to creating a branded and strategically organized Pinterest page for your wedding photography business.

1. Share Your Images

You have heard the saying, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” As a photographer, you have an entire collection of unique images to share with clients. Pictures speak volumes for your photography business, which helps you define yourself as a photographer. Sharing your images with potential clients on Pinterest allows them to see your skills and the quality they will get after booking your services. When you pin your images, be sure to create a new board to separate each collection. Clients will appreciate the organization and simplicity to finding images that they are attracted to. Also, creating boards for each event you shoot will tell a complete story to your followers. Since you are representing your brand, be sure to share your best images that represent you and your business.


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Who’s Doing it Right on Facebook


With over 1.35 billion active users on Facebook, this social platform is a great way to share your photography business with current and potential clients, as well as friends and family. Facebook provides photographers with the ultimate marketing tool to grow your business.

Wedding photographer JP Elario uses Facebook to effectively optimize his business. With over 7,700 likes, JP excels at sharing his content with his followers on Facebook. Through stunning images, consistent blog posting, and engaging posts, JP’s Facebook Page invites you to stay awhile. Here are some of the ways that JP uses Facebook to create connections with his clients that you can use in your business!


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Top 5 Tips for Using Instagram for your Business


On a daily basis, 75 million Instagram users sign into their personal accounts. On a monthly basis, over 500 million users search Instagram for appealing images. Instagram is becoming a necessary social media outlet for business owners, especially wedding photographers who can share beautiful images with potential clients.

In our Instagram for the Wedding Photographer Guide, we discuss simple strategies to help you develop and maintain a successful Instagram account. We also showcase a few Instagram pros who share their techniques to mastering Instagram. Here are 5 tips to help you properly use Instagram in for your wedding photography business.

1. Create Two Profiles

Consider creating two separate profiles – a wedding photography business profile and a personal profile. In your business profile, it is still important to share some personal photos, but you can use this to primarily showcase your wedding photos and gain followers who are potentially interested in booking you. If you started on Instagram with a personal profile, change that Instagram handle to your photography business name – this way, all of your followers will now be following your wedding photography business. Simply changing your handle allows you to keep the followers you gained and allows you to create a more business-centric page. From here, you can create a new personal Instagram account.


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Webinar: Instagram Essentials for Wedding Photographers with Jason Grubb


Instagram is fast emerging as a premier social media tool. For professional wedding photographers, learning how to harness the power of Instagram to help share images, connect with clients and vendors, and grow their business is essential. Join Jason Grubb for our Instagram Essentials webinar, supported by WPPI. Jason will walk you through:

– how to build an Instagram following of loyal engagers for your business
– a step-by-step system, including what and when to share, hashtags, and geotagging
– an overview of all of the tools you need for software and tracking


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