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“Be Yourself — The Rest Will Follow”

Featuring Jorge Santiago Photography

be yourself

We have all heard someone say to us once – “just be yourself!” But it’s not always easy! Who is it you want to be? What does “be yourself” mean to you? Many of us try to emulate our elders and some tried to be like that one cool classmate — the classmate who received all the attention and had a big group of friends. Many of us would understand the struggle of trying to be like that person — AKA just trying to fit in. But that isn’t really being yourself.

Jorge Santiago experienced this when he migrated from Mexico to the US. But this was no small classroom affair. It was a totally different country, a different culture, and a different language. What made it more difficult for Jorge was the fact that he wasn’t even fluent in English. He tried hard to fit in, to blend in the crowd and find work as a photographer. His success came only when he finally embraced being himself.

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The Best Decision You Could Ever Make for Your Photography Business

FEATURING GARRETT DELPH, CEO and CoFounder of ShootDotEdit

photography business decision

Maybe it was just a few years ago that you realized your calling in wedding photography. Or maybe you’ve been in it longer than that. You decided to make your passion your business and grow with it both personally and professionally.

You’ve spent years making a place for yourself in the wedding photography industry and now you’re flooded with work from all corners. You’re happy, but also dealing with the chaos of running a business.

And we get it! Running a business can be super difficult — and making a photography business decisions like handling the shoots, post-production, client communications, networking, branding, advertising, logistics, and whatnot, can be overwhelming! At the end of the day, you’re just trying to keep your head above water…

If this all sounds familiar, DON’T PANIC! You’re not alone.

20 years ago, this was the life of Garrett Delph, the co-founder and CEO of ShootDotEdit.

He was the owner of a thriving wedding photography business — but it was a struggle. After years of stress and anguish, Garrett finally found his solution…

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The Rave July 2020 | A Monthly Customer Celebration

Monthly Customer Celebration

We celebrate the customer, and inspire the photographer. You know it. You love it. You’re HERE FOR IT! That’s right, we’re back with The Rave — our way of celebrating our customers and their incredible images!

This week, we’re taking a look back on July. We featured some amazing shots on the ShootDotEdit Instagram last month and we’re so excited to show you our audience favorites — Right here. Right now!

Here we go!

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Learn, Grow, Pass It On | Featuring Brandi Allyse Photography

Learn, Grow, Pass It On | Featuring Brandi Allyse Photography

We asked Brandi of Brandi Allyse Photography, when did you realize you loved photography? Back then, did you ever think you’d take it up professionally? Or was it just a hobby?

People latch onto photography at different points in their lives. Some spend years in an uninspiring career before getting their true calling. Others know they want the professional life of a photographer early on and work hard to achieve their dream. 

In this special ShootDotEdit Feature, you’ll read about one such person who knew what she wanted from the beginning and made it happen — Brandi Salerno of Brandi Allyse Photography.

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How I Got the Shot with Salt & Pine Photography

Salt & Pine photography is made up of Darryl Ann and Joe and they are a Seattle-based husband and wife team of wedding photographers that make up Salt & Pine.

These two talented photographers LOVE adventure, and find magical ways to capture it in their images. So when they agreed to tell us how they got some of our favorite shots they’ve taken, we were thrilled to share with you what they had to say!

Salt & Pine Photography

Read on to learn how Salt & Pine got the shot!

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How I Got the Shot with Diane Nicole Photography

Diane Nicole

Hey! You made it to the first How I Got the Shot with ShootDotEdit.  This week, we welcomed northern California-based wedding photographer Diane Clifford of Diane Nicole Photography.  

We love Diane’s work and are proud to call her a valued ShootDotEdit customer. So much so that we picked out a few of our favorite images she captured and asked her to explain a bit how she got such incredible shots!

So without further ado — Diane Nicole Photography!

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The Rave May 2020 | Celebrate Customer Images

celebrate customer images

It’s the beginning of June, so you know what that means… it’s time to celebrate customer images in The Rave — ShootDotEdit’s monthly customer celebration!

This month, we’re looking back on the 8 most loved photos from our customers featured on the ShootDotEdit Instagram in May. Want to see other months? Here is one of our favorites!

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Ingredients for a Successful Photography Business

Featuring Dana & Nate of
Lovers of Love Photography

lovers of love

Lovers of Love has a story that might resonate with many of us. We know the good fortune that comes from welcoming children into our families. They’re playful, they’re fun — but the house is always a mess with them throwing things in every corner and we’re always exhausted chasing after them as they run helter-skelter. The stories we most often hear are from parents hoping for more time and more energy to focus on themselves and their careers post-children. So when we meet a husband and wife team that say their lives have become more disciplined and organized after the birth of their babies, it can be inspiring to the rest of us.

“Our business really took off once we became parents,” say Dana and Nate, wedding photographers and the owners of Lovers of Love Photography. Read on to find out more about how they succeed as parents and entrepreneurs.

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