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12 Reasons to Shoot Film Photography & How to Market It to Your Clients

Time and again, Film Photography has been tagged as a ‘dying art’. Many digital photographers believe that analog lost its charm ever since digital cameras came into existence. However, there’s a passionate segment of photographers (including pro wedding photographers) insisting that film photography is only gaining popularity over time. Film photographers believe there’s something compelling about the grainy depth of analog images. Also, the thoughtfulness that goes into shooting images on film is hard to imitate with digital photography where you know you can keep on photographing the good, bad, and better photographs, rapid-fire, and they’re forever stored on your memory card.

The recent ‘artistic movement’ to revive film photography has also compelled companies like Kodak and Fujifilm to revisit their product lineup to incorporate film offerings once again and Photography Labs that develop film for pro photographers have also begun to show back up.

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Wedding photography is your passion and love. It keeps your creative soul satiated. It helps you grow so much as a person and experience a great variety of human emotions. But… wedding photography is also your bread and butter. The more brides and grooms you photograph, the better for your business. The number of weddings you book is directly proportional to your business expansion. You should always be trying to book more weddings!

So how many weddings are you booking each year? Have you managed to reach your goal, but don’t know how to take it further from there? Remember, a growing business needs to be approached differently than a new business.

In this blog, we’re giving you 20 ways to book more weddings every year and grow your business the way you want to. 

Let’s get to it!

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How to Get Published on Top Wedding Blogs

Long gone are the days when wedding photographers used to capture beautiful images, turn them into albums or prints, and eventually forget them. With the advancement of technology, photographers have so many ways of storing and seeing their work over and over. They can share their amazing work at different platforms and attract potential clients. This has helped them build a name and earn recognition in the wedding photography industry.

Although most photographers these days share their work on social media, a good number out of them ignore the benefits of blogging. Blogging is one of the most beneficial tools for your business.

You can start your own blog and also make submissions to other popular wedding blogs, which have a mass appeal and reach out to a larger audience. You send them your images with some description and voila! They beautifully craft a well-worded blog featuring you and showcasing your images.

Here’s how getting published on popular wedding blogs can help your photography career:

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Marketing Tips For Right Now

Guest Post By Bradley Zisow of Bradley Images

But it takes more than knowing how to capture incredible imagery to get noticed by your peers and potential clients. 

One of the biggest mistakes wedding photographers make (or any business owners for that matter) is neglecting their marketing efforts.  And we get it! Marketing can be easy to let fall by the wayside.

Our advice: Don’t make that mistake — especially now and even when things are slow (because we have all been stuck inside)!

Now’s the perfect time to develop or continue working on a strong marketing game for your photography business.

We teamed up with Baltimore’s own Bradley Zisow of Bradley Images. Bradley is an award-winning wedding photographer and knows how to keep a business afloat even through the most trying times.  He wanted to share a few of his marketing tips with us here today on the ShootDotEdit blog!

Check it out!

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Vlogging for Wedding Photography: Is It Worth It?

‘Content is the King’ in this digital world. Businesses, as well as individuals, are using content in all forms to brand and advertise themselves. It can be in the form of text, photographs or even videos. This content is constantly and consistently flashed before the eyes of your target audience so as to stay top of mind and drive them towards your business.

VLOGGING is no different. In simple words, vlogging means Video Blogging or making blogs in the form of videos to send across your message to your target audience. It is an interactive video blog about upcoming events or your daily life, as well as any other activity that a vlogger thinks is worth mentioning through a video, instead of writing it on their blog.

It catches the attention of your followers, fans, or potential clients much more effectively than just text or images. It targets your senses of sight and hearing at one go making it much easier for your target clients to remember you. The power of imagery is so strong because it’s directly linked to memory retention.

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Fast 5: Blogging for Content Marketing

ShootDotEdit’s Fast Five — 5 useful quick tips you can apply to your photography business right now!

Here at ShootDotEdit, we specialize in editing wedding photos. We also love to provide relevant and valuable insights on topics that are relevant to you as a wedding photographer. That’s why we partner with industry leaders to bring you their insights and tips on topics, such as wedding photography blog ideas, that can help grow your business. Read on for our top 5 tips to starting a wedding photography blog and using it to grow your business.

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The Value of Brand Relationships in Your Photography Business

Want to be re-energized? Before you go any further, invest 60 seconds of your time to watch this video!!

Husband and wife wedding & relationship photography team, Laibel and Chana of Laibel Schwartz Photography started out their business as more of a “team-building” project — something to aide in personal communication.  

“It was fun to be creative together and challenge ourselves together,” Chana says.  “And we specifically started weddings because I had a passion for that.”

Chana told us that her own experience with her wedding photographer had not been an overly positive one.  “She posed me in ways where I felt like… ‘Well this doesn’t feel good, but I’m sure it will look good…’ And then it didn’t look good.”  Chana says their philosophy on wedding photography has developed around their perspective of what a bride really wants to feel like on her wedding day.

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Fast 5: Email Marketing Campaigns

ShootDotEdit’s Fast Five — 5 useful quick tips you can apply to your photography business right now!

If you’ve been keeping up with our Fast 5’s, then hopefully you’ve begun creating rich content aimed and both new and past wedding clients.  So today, we wanted to talk about another great way to engage with your followers and subscribers: Email Campaigns!

Email campaigns are a great way to nurture your clients and keep them engaged for years to come.  They can also be a great way to educate other wedding photographers who sign up to up to your email list.

5 Points to Ensure a Successful Email Campaign

Here are 5 points to completely nail when it comes to creating email campaigns that wow your audience.

1. Know the Interests of Your Audience

Your top priority should be to increase engagement with your wedding clients.  So if you’re giving advice on the wedding planning process, make sure that advice is relevant and actionable.

2. Be Authentic to Your Brand & Business

Any content you create needs to be authentic and represent your brand’s unique message — this includes your email campaigns!  You want your words to represent who you are and what you’re all about.

3. Each Phase has Different Needs

And they need to be nurtured as such!  This means you should try and segment your audiences into leads, current clients and past clients.  The leads will need content that nurtures them toward conversion. And your current clients might need content that helps make their wedding planning process a breeze.  As for past clients, there are always anniversary sessions, vow renewals and family portraits to keep in mind. Always be nurturing in your campaigns.

4. Track the Results of Your Campaigns

Keep track of the conversions coming from your campaigns.  If your emails aren’t converting like you thought they would, don’t be afraid to switch it up a bit — test out a new sequence until you find one that works.

5. Don’t Limit Yourself to Clients Only

If you find that other wedding photographers are signing up to your email list, segment them into their own category.  Provide compelling content packed full of tips and tricks for their own businesses. This will turn you into a thought leader in your industry and from there, the sky’s the limit.

If you’d like more info on marketing your wedding photography business, you can read the Fast 5 on Website Marketing and Content Marketing.  Or you can check out a more in-depth article HERE.

At ShootDotEdit, our goal is to take the “heavy lifting” of photo editing off your plate — giving you more time to run your business, spend time with your family, or even just have a weekend again!

Click here to learn more about what ShootDotEdit can do for you!

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5 Marketing Ideas That Won’t Cost You a Penny

Written by Erin Morrison

I am Erin Morrison with Erin Morrison Photography. I was born and raised in Illinois and moved to the great southern city of Knoxville, Tennessee over a decade ago.

I consider myself a walking contradiction — a Type A personality with a creative streak, a Yankee who says fixin’, and a lover of comedy who couldn’t tell a punch-line to save her soul.

I have been a Knoxville wedding photographer for eight years, but I am one of “those photographers” that still has a full-time job. Therefore, I am very interested in marketing tactics that produce results long after they are implemented. I especially love tactics that are FREE. In this blog, I am going to share with you 5 Free Marketing Tips Built for Longevity.

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Fast 5: Drive Traffic with Content Marketing

ShootDotEdit’s Fast Five — 5 useful quick tips you can apply to your photography business right now!

On the last Fast 5, we quickly talked about making sure your website is set up to market your business like a professional.  So what’s the next step? It’s time to get your content marketing game on point.

As a wedding photographer, you’re constantly creating content that can be easily shared with potential clients.  But it can’t just be any old content — the content you share must be valuable and relevant to your target clients.  

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