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Getting to the Top and Staying There

Featuring Jasmin Neidhart of Flora & Grace Photography

Being internationally recognized in your first year of business is every up-and-coming photographer’s dream. Staying humble, grounded, and focused is another thing entirely. 

Jasmin Neidhart had been in business for just 4 years as Grace and Blush Photography (now Flora & Grace Photography) when she was named one of the 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography in the world by Rangefinder Magazine. The Germany based newcomer had barely even heard of WPPI before being invited to host a photo walk and speak on a panel at the convention earlier this year.

“The panel was about how to build a brand, find your style and overcome insecurities in an industry that can be oversaturated.” So what did Jasmin have in common with her fellow Rising Star award winners? “All of the rising stars built a certain style that was different. When I looked at their work and mine, I think what made us all successful is that we just do our own thing. We don’t care about industry trends or editing trends.”

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The Importance of Photo Prints

Importance of Wedding Photo Prints Michelle Walker

Featuring Michelle Walker

Michelle Walker just celebrated her 20th year as a Professional Wedding Photographer. The Bay Area-based photojournalist has been around long enough to see the transition from traditional posed wedding shots to the fast-paced, storytelling, shooting style she’s known for. She credits her career longevity to striking a balance between traditional and cutting edge. 

“I have to shoot formal portraits or the parents will kill me, but I try to limit posed photos to 30 minutes.” 

Like many wedding photographers, Michelle isn’t thrilled about shooting the type of formal family shots that usually involve fake cheesy smiles. “I’ve developed a way of photographing portraits that makes people interact and laugh authentically and those are always the photographs that my couples will put in their albums.”

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Staying Authentic to Attract the Right Clients

Adventure Wedding Photographers
Jelger Vitt & Tanja Aelbrecht

Loving adventure goes hand in hand with expecting the unexpected. Knowing when to go for that epic action shot on a cliffside, or pausing to capture a quiet moment in a meadow is something Jelger and Tanja Wedding Photographers seem to have mastered. Scrolling through the images on their website feels more like escaping into an adventure travel brochure than viewing a wedding portfolio.

Jelger Vitt and Tanja Aelbrecht make up the husband and wife team based in Vancouver, Canada and they pride themselves on being known as wedding photography company catering to spontaneous and adventurous couples, just like them. The lifelong adventurers quit their jobs and moved from Belgium to Canada to start their photography business more than 7 years ago. It was a big risk, but one they suggest everyone try. 

“We believe in starting over in a foreign country with your partner at least once.” 

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Going Against the Grain in Wedding Photography

Featuring Kuoloon Chong & Qiya Ng with Kompactfaen

We hear it all the time. The old saying, “you can’t please everyone.” But in the social media-focused world of wedding photography, it’s important to be liked. The more people like you, the more work you’ll get. 

So in an industry that relies so heavily on referrals, ignoring criticism from other photographers and vendors is a big gamble. But it’s one that paid off for Qiya Ng and Kuoloon Chong. Despite a lack of support from their community and colleagues, just one year after the couple created Kompactfaen they were named one of 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography in the world by Rangefinder Magazine.

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Making Your Photography Career Fit Your Changing Lifestyle

Featuring Bud Johnson

Bud Johnson has photographed weddings in Europe, Iceland, and all over the US. In the beginning of his career, the Savannah, Georgia-based photographer used to travel constantly for work. But a lot has changed over the last ten years of the photographer’s career. 

Bud now has a wife and four young children at home, so he’s less excited about jet setting these days. When Bud decided he didn’t want to travel as much, he picked up and moved his family to Savannah, a known hub for weddings. 

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Know Your Worth and Charge Accordingly

Featuring Catherine Hall

When Catherine Hall was just starting out as a professional photographer, she had the intention of living a life free from debt. The Wedding, Portrait, and Commercial photographer graduated at the top of her class at California Polytechnic and furthered her education in art at Oxford University. She knew the value of keeping her costs low while also building her new business. 

“I started off living and working in a tiny apartment in New York. The room was so small that you couldn’t even open the door without hitting the bed.” 

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Turning a Gear Bag Catastrophe Into Award-Winning Photos

Gear Bag Catastrophe Award Winning Photos Nik Pekridis ShootDotEdit

Featuring Nik Pekridis

It’s a photographer’s worst nightmare. The bride and groom arrive looking picture-perfect in their wedding best. You check the time and the light—making a mental inventory of the cameras and lenses you brought with you before reaching into your gear bag to retrieve the best option. But when you look down, your gear bag is gone. Everything you brought with you to shoot a destination wedding thousands of miles away from home has been stolen. 

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