The Best Decision You Could Ever Make for Your Photography Business

FEATURING GARRETT DELPH, CEO and CoFounder of ShootDotEdit

ShootDotEdit's mission statement next to Garrett Delph (CEO and Co-Founder of ShootDotEdit) standing next to his family.

Maybe it was just a few years ago that you realized your calling in wedding photography. Or maybe you’ve been in it longer than that. You decided to make your passion your business and grow with it both personally and professionally.

You’ve spent years making a place for yourself in the wedding photography industry and now you’re flooded with work from all corners. You’re happy, but also dealing with the chaos of running a business.

And we get it! Running a business can be super difficult — handling the shoots, post-production, client communications, networking, branding, advertising, logistics, and whatnot. At the end of the day, you’re just trying to keep your head above water…

If this all sounds familiar, DON’T PANIC! You’re not alone.

20 years ago, this was the life of Garrett Delph, the co-founder and CEO of ShootDotEdit.

He was the owner of a thriving wedding photography business — but it was a struggle. After years of stress and anguish, Garrett finally found his solution…

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Learn, Grow, Pass It On | Featuring Brandi Allyse Photography

When did you realize you loved photography? Back then, did you ever think you’d take it up professionally? Or was it just a hobby?

People latch onto photography at different points in their lives. Some spend years in an uninspiring career before getting their true calling. Others know they want the professional life of a photographer early on and work hard to achieve their dream. 

In this special ShootDotEdit Feature, you’ll read about one such person who knew what she wanted from the beginning and made it happen — Brandi Salerno of Brandi Allyse Photo.

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How I Got the Shot with Diane Nicole Photography

Hey! You made it! To the first How I Got the Shot with ShootDotEdit.  This week, we welcomed northern California-based wedding photographer Diane Clifford of Diane Nicole Photography.  

We love Diane’s work and are proud to call her a valued ShootDotEdit customer. So much so that we picked out a few of our favorite images she captured and asked her to explain a bit how she got such incredible shots!

So without further ado — Diane Clifford!

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Wedding Photographers — Kick Pain & Stress Out of Your Life with Yoga

By being a wedding photographer you are pursuing your passion and it satiates your creative soul. It gives you a different perspective on life. You get to hear so many beautiful love stories and capture them forever. You meet in-love couples, families, friends, and capture emotions in their most intimate and raw forms. Taking a moment out of time and making it last forever is second nature.

To do all this, you spend all day with your heavy gear on your back, with lots of stress on your shoulders, and maybe hunched over computers for long hours before you get time to sleep.

YOGA is the way out. With yoga, you can meditate, relax, stretch your body, and relieve pain. Yoga can help you get your energy back and return to work with a calm mind and a healthy body each day.

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10 Inspirational Photography Quotes to Lift Your Spirits Through COVID-19 Quarantine

American photojournalist and photographer, Dorothea Lange once said, “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”. Nothing can be truer than this in these tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are all hiding inside our homes (by will or by government order) to avoid the monster of a virus outside, but who knows how big or small that monster is? Stories give us great insight. We are all consuming stories, from across the world, to know the seriousness and impact of this disease but do we believe these stories without photographic proof?

“I don’t trust words. I trust pictures,” Gilles Peress once said. We believe what we see, hence why photographers are still working day in and out, documenting the state of affairs. 

The aim of these photographs is to give us enough thorough information about current events, while also serving as a reminder of the times for coming generations. But for those of us that are living through it, some of these images will forever be etched in our hearts.

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The Value of Brand Relationships in Your Photography Business

Want to be re-energized? Before you go any further, invest 60 seconds of your time to watch this video!!

Husband and wife wedding & relationship photography team, Laibel and Chana of Laibel Schwartz Photography started out their business as more of a “team-building” project — something to aide in personal communication.  

“It was fun to be creative together and challenge ourselves together,” Chana says.  “And we specifically started weddings because I had a passion for that.”

Chana told us that her own experience with her wedding photographer had not been an overly positive one.  “She posed me in ways where I felt like… ‘Well this doesn’t feel good, but I’m sure it will look good…’ And then it didn’t look good.”  Chana says their philosophy on wedding photography has developed around their perspective of what a bride really wants to feel like on her wedding day.

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