The Album Design Solution – Our Partner Align

As many successful photographers would attest to, one key to growing your business is letting go. Outsourcing things that you don’t have to do saves you time and actually makes you more money. You’re not stuck behind the computer doing countless hours of color correction or album design that someone else would love to do. Instead, you’re out doing what you love and what generates a profit!

Align Sample Album Design 1

Image by Jeremy Chou Photography


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Limited Offer: No Risk Color Correction

There are some things in your business that should not involve risk – your post production is one of them. That is why our UNLIMITED editing is COMMITMENT FREE.

What does that mean for you and your business? It means you focus your time on profit-producing tasks: marketing, networking with vendors, optimizing your blog (just to name a few). [···]

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Our Partner LensProToGo’s Annual Gear Sale


Today and tomorrow, our friends at LensProToGo are offering a double tax discount on gear rentals as well as a discount on their used gear they have listed for sale!

LensProToGo is extending a double tax discount on gear rentals delivered by August 29, 2014. Place your order today or tomorrow (8/18 – 8/19) with a delivery date by the end of August and receive 12% off the order total using the coupon code SUNSET. [···]

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Brighter Color Profiles are here! Our Color Wizard 2.0


We’re Brighter

Last year, Jeff and Erin Youngren came to us with a challenge: their brand required brighter images, brighter tones. And, our platform didn’t provide the opportunity to create a color profile bright enough to meet their needs.

And so we listened. We surveyed. We tested. And, we listened some more for our photo editing services for photographers. [···]

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Which Annual Plan is Best for You?


At ShootDotEdit, we know that your photography business is as unique as the images you shoot. No two businesses, like no two weddings, are the same. Because of this, we offer multiple pricing plans for our wedding photo editing services so you can choose what’s best for you and your business! In order to fully explain the features, advantages, and benefits of our plans, we have gathered insights and knowledge to share with you from our clients: wedding photographers just like you. These professional photographers have partnered with us using our UNLIMITED and our Rollover plans, and they have all agreed that it has saved them both time and money, provided greater image consistency, and even offered them peace of mind! [···]

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DotPreview – Everything you need to know


Did you know that as a company that provides image editing services for photographers, ShootDotEdit has over 100 different color profiles? With so many different options to choose from, the ability to satisfy everyone is there. Our goal is to help you make the best selection as easy as possible. The tool that ShootDotEdit developed for this is the DotPreview.

We think of DotPreviews as free insurance for your job. We select 10 images from your event that display different lighting conditions and color correct them according to your chosen color profile. This will give you a great overview of how the entire job will look, and it is your guarantee that you will like the way your images are edited.

DotPreviews are automatically applied to the first few jobs you submit when you begin working with ShootDotEdit. It is a great way to get to know how the color profiles will look on different skin tones and lighting styles, and it’s completely FREE! If it doesn’t look exactly how you want it for the first time, you can request another DotPreview. Our experienced Color Consultants are also available to connect with you to help in finding the right profile for your job. You can go back and forth with the Color Consultants as many times as it takes to get it right.

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It can take a few jobs to figure out the best color profile that matches your style – that is why we require DotPreviews for the first two jobs. After that initial period, you are welcome to request a DotPreview for any job, though if you are comfortable with how to select a color profile, you can continue with the submission process without a DotPreview. We recommend choosing DotPreviews for events with unusual lighting situations or with mixed skin tones. Any time you have an event that is outside your normal shooting environment, the DotPreviews are available to make sure the color correction still matches your vision.

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The best part about DotPreviews? They are returned to you in one business day or less. “Fast is Best” applies to everything we do. Our only recommendation is that you view the returned DotPreview on the color-calibrated monitor that you edit on. We know it is tempting to open the link on your phone or tablet, but viewing it on your primary workstation is best!

Remember, if you are happy with your DotPreview, you will be happy with your job, so use them to your advantage! Your happiness with the color correction we provide is our main priority, and DotPreviews help guarantee that our editing matches your style!

If you would like more information about how to integrate ShootDotEdit into your workflow, please access our Free Guide below!


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Partner Interview: Zenfolio


Our next partner spotlight shines on Zenfolio, an all-in-one solution for photographers to display, share, and sell their work online. We spoke with Brittany Nelson, a valued member of the Zenfolio team, to learn more about the company.

How did Zenfolio begin?

“Our about page says it best: [Zenfolio] began in the cradle of so many great ideas: a coffee shop. Four friends with a passion for photography, a shared background in technology, and complementary skills had a goal. They wanted to create an all-in-one Web solution for photographers—both amateur and professional—to organize, display, and sell their images with uncompromising quality.”

How does Zenfolio work with ShootDotEdit?

“ShootDotEdit will cull, color correct, and then upload a completed job to a photographer’s Zenfolio account. This takes away one additional step for the photographer and cuts down on the time it takes to get the event online and published.”

What is your favorite part of your partnership with ShootDotEdit?

“I love that the partnership between Zenfolio and ShootDotEdit takes away pain points for photographers and makes it easier for them to edit and upload their weddings after they are shot. Using ShootDotEdit is a great way for photographers to partner with a Specialist in post-processing and save themselves a huge amount of time in not only editing but also posting the wedding.”

What is your favorite part of working with photographers?

“They are creative, artistic, and really great people.”

What do you wish photographers knew better about Zenfolio?

“Zenfolio caters to every type of photographer, not just professional. That’s why we have several plans: basic and unlimited to those who do photography more as a hobby, and then Premium and Premium Business plans for those who are looking to sell their work. We also have a high-volume plan for businesses that have lots of clients, such as photo studios, schools, sports photography, and more.

Also, our support team is fantastic. They are available seven days a week, 365 days a year and are here to answer all of our users’ questions or for people who are thinking about joining Zenfolio. Our support team consists mostly of enthusiast and professional photographers (wedding, landscape, editorial, etc.), so they know exactly what photographers need.”

Describe a day in the life at Zenfolio…

“Drink coffee, eat onions, and drink lots of coconut water. Oh, and get daily delicious lunches delivered from

The ongoing (funny) story at Zenfolio is the office is split on onions. Half of them love it, half hate it. It started with one of the founders being highly sensitive to onions (aka repulsed), so it is now an initiation if you will to ask new hires what their stance on onions is and to share an embarrassing story of course.”

If you could be any piece of camera equipment, what would it be and why?

“A telephoto lens so I can see far into the distance, in focus.”

Thank you, Brittany, for taking the time to talk with us! Learn More about ShootDotEdit’s Integrated Partnership with Zenfolio!

Interested in learning more from a real photographer who uses both ShootDotEdit and Zenfolio? Click the banner below to hear how Corrado Amenta cut his turnaround time down to less than one week!




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Partner Interview: Pictage


ShootDotEdit is proud to partner with some of the amazing leaders in the photography industry. This week we wanted to shine the spotlight on Pictage, our all-in-one post-shoot partner company. We spoke with Natalie Hunter, the marketing coordinator, to help us explain why Pictage is so unique.

Making Photographer’s Lives Easier

Pictage was built to make photographer’s lives easier from the very beginning. When they first started, this meant digitizing a bucket of film in a garage. They have grown to have the ability to handle everything post-shoot. From email marketing to publicizing an event to printing an album. They even offer full customer service and print fulfillment to a photographer’s clients. In addition to all of this, they have a beautiful client proofing interface that is constantly being updated to keep up with the latest technology.

Since Pictage’s goal is to offer everything a photographer would need post shoot, they wanted to include post-processing services, but they also knew that ShootDotEdit does it best. So Pictage gives their members the option to send images to ShootDotEdit. Once the color correction is complete, ShootDotEdit uploads the files directly back into the photographer’s unique Pictage gallery. It fits in perfectly with ShootDotEdit’s “Fast is Best” motto and ends up saving Pictage members time!

We asked Natalie what her favorite part of the partnership with us was and she replied:

“Great things happen when “Fast is Best” is partnered with our mission to help photographers so they can focus on shooting. By having SDE send images directly to Pictage, photographers save a download and upload, which could potentially mean saving a whole extra day in their workflow! This just makes sense and also makes them look like the hero to their clients (who are probably checking their phones and emails every five minutes waiting for that announcement).”

What is your favorite part of working with photographers?

“Photographers are truly inspiring people, not only because the work they produce helps to make the world a more beautiful place, but because they can perfectly capture a feeling-a moment in time-that means the world to someone.”

More than just a company, They are community

Pictage also prides themselves on building and supporting photography communities around the country. Through their network of PUG (Pictage User Groups) Meetings, they offer a space for photographers to get together and build networks of support. Meetings are supported by Pictage and run by local photographers. They feature topics relevant to what’s going on in the industry.

What would you like photographers to know about Pictage?

“Mainly that there is so much more Pictage offers than simply being a proofing site for clients. Not only do we have a great product line of albums, cards, wall art and even calendars, but we also have an amazing community of photographers that meet around the nation for monthly meetings (face-to-face, I know!) simply to discuss the latest trends and concerns that many professional photographers share. When someone signs up for Pictage, we’re here to help photographers grow, learn and thrive.”

Describe a day in the life at Pictage…

“Pictage handles every aspect of a photographer’s business beyond the shoot, and we have dozens of people dedicated to every aspect of this work. All day long, our software engineers improve the photo gallery website and add new features. Our album designers and retouchers make photos and layouts look their best. Our professional print lab and album-binding team crank out high-quality products while our quality-assurance staff reviews everything to ensure excellence. Our shipping department packs and ships orders to clients across the globe, while our customer-support staff takes phone calls and answers questions from photographers, clients, and guests. It’s a busy office, but we love the work we do!”

Natalie, thank you for taking the time to share with us why Pictage is so special. We couldn’t agree more!


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