As a wedding photographer, there are plenty of options for the gear you use. This is especially true when it comes to your camera. With all of the options available for cameras, it’s important to choose one that you are comfortable with, and one that helps you quickly shoot through the wedding day. Although the camera you choose is not a reflection of your skill level, choosing the best one for you can make you more efficient. Oftentimes, it can be helpful to hear from industry leaders to see what type of gear they chose to give you options when it comes time to replace your current camera.
We recently sat down with international photographer and educator, Scott Robert Lim, to discuss the camera he uses. Below, he shares the reasons he shoots with mirrorless and the impact it has on his shoots and photography. Read through to decide whether mirrorless is the best choice for you and your wedding photography business.


Why is mirrorless the future? You can…

Travel and Shoot with Ease

One of the first benefits I like about the mirrorless camera is that it is a lot lighter. Shooting weddings is a very physical activity. It’s like running a marathon. When you’re shooting multiple weddings every year, after a while, it wears on your body. A camera that is lighter helps you move around and take the shots you need, while providing less strain on your body.

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Image Compliments of Scott Robert Lim

Since the camera is lighter, you can pack more gear into a smaller area. I travel a lot, so it makes it easier to bring with me wherever I go. If you travel as a wedding photographer, it will make a difference in what you bring with you.


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Maintain Speed and Efficiency

Another reason I shoot mirrorless is because the advantages are so revolutionary that I’m actually a better photographer. I see the exposure before I shoot an image, so I save myself time. If it looks underexposed or overexposed, I don’t take the picture. In regards to efficiency, I can see the exact exposure I want before I click on the shutter.

This helps a lot in tough lighting situations, where the light is anything but perfect. When you can see how the picture will turn out before you take it, you can quickly move positions without taking too many extra images from the day. Plus, the images are better quality out of camera. If I want to share a few sneak peek photos with clients right after the shoot, it takes less time to get them to my style.

ShootDotEdit Tip: Keep in mind, less is more when it comes to delivering images to your clients. When you shoot less during the wedding day (because you can see the photos before you shoot them), you save yourself time during the culling process. Then, when you outsource your wedding photography color correction to a specialist, the process of finalizing your images is also faster. Once you receive your consistent images back, you can deliver them to your clients (who are likely waiting in anticipation!).

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Shoot from Multiple Angles

A final reason I use mirrorless is because a lot of time, I shoot at lower angles. With mirrorless, I don’t have to get on my stomach to capture the shot. Sometimes, you want a low shot, and if you do not have a tilt screen, you think, “well, do I really want to get in my suit and get my stomach on the ground?” No, you just won’t take the shot. Because of the tilt screen, I can put the camera on the ground and compose it easily by just kneeling.

I can also shoot with the camera over my head. I can tilt the screen down and see exactly what I am doing. I can shoot someone who is taller than me and get the portrait angle I’m looking for, where I like to shoot down on my subjects.

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Image Compliments of Scott Robert Lim

Those are just a few of the reasons why I shoot with mirrorless for my photography business.


After hearing Scott’s insights into shooting mirrorless, what do you think? Is mirrorless the way to go for your next camera? If you currently have a mirrorless camera, what are your favorite benefits of it? Share it with us in the comments!

It’s important to choose gear that matches where you are in your wedding photography business, and that allows you to be efficient during every shoot. When you have the gear that fits you, you can then spend time getting comfortable with it and perfecting your shooting, lighting, and posing skills. Our free Pro Photographer Lighting and Posing Guide shares advanced tips from industry leaders to help you master both in any situation. Download it today!

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