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As a photographer, it is essential to fully understand the dynamics of your camera, and through various photography workshops and conferences, you don’t just get better acquainted with your camera, but also learn some valuable techniques on how to take images that stand out. With each passing year, new techniques and ideas have been cropping up in the photography industry. And the photography community, too, is increasing each day, with many enthusiasts becoming professional photographers across different categories. Learning, adapting, and reconfiguring is a continuous journey for professional growth, and hence, it becomes all the more important to stay on top of your game and make space for change. That’s when attending the best photography workshops from around the world becomes beneficial. 

Upcoming Photography Workshops and Conferences: 2022-2023

There are several rules in photography that even professional photographers must learn if they want to succeed in their field. And by attending workshops you can learn all these tenets and how to properly apply them. At ShootDotEdit, we’ve got you covered with all the top photography workshops and conferences taking place in 2022 and 2023. 

1. Portrait and Wedding Photography Workshops 2022 + Videography: International - WPPI 2023

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Are you looking for some new techniques and tips? WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photography International) is the answer to all your questions! For five days each year, thousands of portrait and wedding photographers, as well as videographers, come together to be inspired. If you’re looking for creative tips to grow your business, gain valuable strategies, or simply connect with and make new friends in the industry, then mark your calendars for WPPI’s Photography Conference in 2023! 

This annual event offers multiple opportunities for you to learn and get creative with your photography business. With aspiring photographers and filmmakers from around the globe attending the international conference, become a part of the ultimate photography community as you acquire more knowledge from industry icons. Get ready to be dazzled with inspiring stories from industry icons and create lasting memories. Moreover, WPPI is also a great place to catch up on the changing trends in the wedding industry. 

WPPI Dates: March 5th - 9th, 2023

Location: Mirage Convention Center in Las Vegas

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2. PPA (Professional Photographers of America) - Fall Workshops 2022 

The PPA is the hub of professional photography and another great place to attend a professional photography class, workshops, or even informative conferences. With over 175 workshops being held across the country by experienced photographers, these pros help their fellow peers to become better photographers and business owners. PPA’s workshop on photography runs for two weeks in May and September, and allows members and non-members alike to hone their skills. 

The PPA offers topics that are instrumental for a photographer’s success. And by the end of the events, you’ll be ready to go home and get to work!

PPA Fall Workshops Dates: September 5th - 19th, 2022 

Location: A list of various locations for PPA Fall Workshops

3. PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Imaging Conference 2023

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Imaging USA, powered by the PPA, is back at it again with another exciting and enlightening conference, set to take place in 2023! Imaging USA is an education-centric photography conference organized every year in January. This year, too, the seminar will impart new techniques and help you expand your photography style, as well as relay numerous tips to increase your business. The event will provide you with multiple opportunities, from inspiring photo exhibits, classes to improve your photography business to marketing and sale tricks, this photography conference offers a wide range of choices to up your game in the industry. It also has a trade show and attendees get tons of discounts they can use with vendors who are present.

Imaging USA Conference Dates: January 22nd - 24th, 2023 

Location: Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, Nashville, Tennessee

4. Wedding Photography Summit 2022

Get ready to become bigger and better as a professional photographer by attending the exciting Wedding Photography Summit of 2022! As a photographer, you have endless opportunities to grow and make your business thrive, and attending a portrait photography workshop can help you achieve success with unique ideas shared by industry professionals. This year, the Wedding Photography Summit will impart smart tips to those who have newly begun their journey as photographers and will lend out tricks to avoid mistakes and setbacks that you may face in your photography career. 

The founder and host of the Wedding Photography Summit, Jai Long, will be conducting the much-awaited conference along with other creatives in the photography industry in a two-day-long virtual summit. The aim of the photography conferences is to help you dig deep and embrace risks, which ultimately profits you as you upskill and stay ahead of the masses. Learn more about this year’s Wedding Photography Summit Speaker List here.

Wedding Photography Summit Dates: November 21st - 22nd, 2022

Location: Online

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5. PHOTOPLUS - Create NYC 2023

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PHOTOPLUS is one of the largest imaging and photography workshops in North America. Conducted over a period of 3 days, this photography event gives the ultimate experience for all those who are interested in videography, photography, and visual storytelling. With access to over 200 vendors on the tradeshow floor, beginners, as well as professionals, will have the opportunity to build relationships with different vendors. 

The “Create NYC” event is one of the great photography events and ideas powered by PHOTOPLUS and will be a new chapter for visual creators. A festival-like experience for all in the image culture, gathering in Brooklyn, NY, to celebrate the innovative creatives and storytellers is an absolute enthralling experience to attend. The event seeks to inspire the emerging voices who will define who people see the world in years to come. 

Create NYC Dates: To be finalized 

Location: To be decided

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6. The Portrait Masters - 2022 Conference

The Portrait Masters (TPM) website provides an amazing online learning platform for professional photographers and beginners! From location lighting basics to money management, you can access their online library and photography courses for awesome content and tips, but they also organize photography workshops annually. 

Coming in big this year, The Portrait Masters have an exciting upcoming photography conference, which will enable you to learn from the masters in the image industry and help take your business to the next level! Get ready to take down notes as a number of committed speakers will come on stage to inspire you. 

TPM Dates: September 11th - 14th, 2022

Location: Arizona Grand Resort, Phoenix, Arizona

7. Twig & Olive Photography - Family, Newborn, and Wedding Photography Workshop 2022

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A golden trio team, Twig and Olive Photography include the happy and helpful photographers - Courtney, Doug, and Bobby. This team of 3 offers family portraits, newborns, and wedding photography workshops throughout the country. Their workshops focus on how to get the most out of your limited time with your clients. The squad also focuses on the business aspect of photography and provides tips for setting up stylized shoots. 

Providing outdoor photography workshops, the group of three is big on experience and will be traveling to numerous states in the US. Their workshops are in abundance, giving you the opportunity to choose whichever fits best! The company’s portrait photography workshop will teach you how to increase your business and how to photograph clients in gorgeous locations. 

Twig & Olive Photography Dates & Locations : 

  1. Family Photography Workshop
  2. Newborn Photography Workshop
  3. Wedding Photography Workshop

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