If you’re spending lots of late nights editing wedding photos, it seems overwhelming to take on new clients and shoot more weddings, because what you’re doing is creating more work for yourself.

That kind of stress takes the joy out of what you love to do–shoot!

This is the situation wedding photographers Jason and Gina Grubb found themselves in before deciding to partner with our post-production specialists. The Grubbs had their workflow as dialed in as possible, but they knew that with every minute they edited images, they took time away from client building and marketing.

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ShootDotEdit allowed the Grubbs to save 7 hours per wedding while improving the consistency of their images. Additionally, they have:

– Increased Gross Income by 3X in their First year
– Increased the # of Weddings by 60%
– Pursued Dream of Acquiring Private Pilot License

Download this ShootDotEdit Review to learn more about how the Grubbs optimized and expanded their business through the help of ShootDotEdit. Also, find out how you can continue to improve your business with our How to Grow Your Wedding Photography Business Guide! Click the banner below to download the guide and get started on ways to grow today.


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