With so many exciting updates and features for business owners on Instagram, now is the perfect time to make sure you have the best strategy possible for your account. More than ever, it’s necessary for you to focus on your engagement with followers to ensure they view and interact with your posts.

In our Instagram Guide, we share quick ways to make optimizations to your Instagram account, as well as tips to help you increase your following and make meaningful connections. To decide if your current strategy works for you, and your account is up to date, here are 9 optimizations you can make for your Instagram business account.

1. Create a Business Username

Similar to your Facebook business page, create a business username for your Instagram account. This makes it easier for people to find your other social pages. So if you are “Jackie Jones Photography,” your business username should reflect that. Something along the lines of @jackiejonesphoto or @jackiejonesphotography.


Who’s Doing It Right?

France Photographers (@france_photographers) have a handle for their Instagram that is the same as their business name. This makes it easy for potential clients to find them on social media, as well as their website and blog.

2. Make a Public Profile

Instagram allows you to have a private page where you accept followers. While you may choose to have your personal account private, consider keeping your business account public. If you are using hashtags to attract new followers, some may choose to not follow you if they need to go through the process of requesting permission to follow. Make sure your profile is public so any potential client can see and follow your page (and even click the Contact Button!).

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3. Include a Business Name

In addition to having a username that is closely related to your business, make sure you include your business name on your account. You can have it as your profile photo, or in the actual bio text. This reiterates to your followers you are a business owner who can provide them with wedding photography services, which helps with referrals from your followers.

Who’s Doing It Right?

Kim Payant Photography has a profile picture that is her business name, has a description in her bio about her specialty, and includes a link to her photography website.

4. Add Links to Bio

Your bio is a great place to share valuable information and links. If you do not have a current offer or new blog post for your viewers, direct them to your website. If you share something in one of your posts, such as a teaser image from a recent wedding that you just blogged about, you can have the URL in your bio. Remember to use #linkinbio or Link in bio in your text for the post so followers know to click that.

5. Share the Location

Whenever you share a photo from a past wedding or somewhere you visited, make sure to share the location in your post. This is known as geotagging on Instagram, and helps you expand your reach. Anyone who searches for that location will see your image, and it increases the chance they will reach out to you.

Who’s Doing It Right?

Rachel Rossetti Photography posts engagement and wedding photos, and adds the location where she shot them. This gives credit to the location, and places her image in front of the location’s audience.

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6. Post Relatable Content

Although it’s okay to share personal stories and show your audience more of your personality, your business account should relate to your wedding photography business. Share photos from past weddings, as well as exciting news you have for your business. Also, share things you may not share on other social platforms, such as a behind the scenes photos and exclusive contests just for your Instagram followers.

7. Customize Posts

Instagram is a great place to encourage interaction, so you can use your page to excite followers and keep them coming back for more. One way to do this is to customize your posts. You can add your personality into the text and share stories about the photos you post. This reminds followers of who you are as a photographer and a person, and helps them feel more connected to you.

Who’s Doing It Right?

Jessica Claire shares a story about the images she shares on Instagram, giving her audience a feel for who she is, and allowing her to connect with them.

8. Share Quality Photos

Think about your Instagram account as a mini-portfolio, where potential clients go to get an idea of the type of images you take. Make sure when you curate images for your account, you only share the best photos from each event. After your images are edited by a photo editing company, take a look at the ones that represent your unique photography style the best. Your Instagram account may be their first touch before your website, and you want to encourage them to click the link in your bio to access your website or blog.

9. Add a Contact Button

One of the perks of having a business account on Instagram is you can add a Contact Button. This button is at the top of your account, and you can customize it so your followers can contact you in a way that is easiest for you. The Contact Button gives them motivation to reach out to you and learn more about your services. How can you promote the Contact Button? Take a look at a few tips in this post.

Bonus: Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are the latest addition to the social app, and are a great way for you to increase interaction with your followers. The great thing about them is you can share more about who you are and the things you like to do. You can share behind the scenes videos at a wedding shoot, or even ones where you are performing your daily tasks. Learn more about how to use Instagram Stories to connect with followers here.

When you make optimizations to your Instagram business account, you have the opportunity to reach more followers. What else can you do for your photography business on Instagram? Our Instagram Guide for Wedding Photographers shares tips and tricks you can implement today! Don’t miss out on expert tips from industry pros!


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