4Secrets_Pricing_BannerSetting up photography pricing can be a professional photographer’s Achilles Heel. Price too high, and you may have no clients; price too low, and you may work a lot but never break even. As a business owner, you need to know your pricing as well as you know your camera. With this healthy balance, you will be well on your way to successfully optimizing your photography business. For you to have the best business you can, we wanted to share these 4 secrets to creating a killer pricing sheet that will help you to book your dream clients.

1. Identify Your Client Must-Haves

In order to build a killer pricing page, you must be able to identify your client “Must-Haves.” Who you are and what you like will help you to attract the right clients, but that does not always mean that they will buy the same things that you do. When you consider what your Must-Haves are, remember that they must be about what your clients want, not what you want. These Must-Haves should also maximize the quality of your client’s best interests as well. Your packages should be thoughtfully crafted around the things that are most important to your ideal clients.

Your pricing sheet should clearly communicate your clients’ Must-Haves. Explain why each Must-Have is crucial for the client so they understand why each item is important and how the Must-Haves will benefit them. When outlining your pricing page, make sure that your clients feel good about moving from one level to the next. Clients who feel happy about their decisions create a natural up-sell. Make sure there is visible value in upgrading, and build desire to move to the next level. Give your clients the opportunity to upgrade all while making it feel like it was the best move for them all along.

2. Make it Easy

A pricing page that is easy to read will prove to be beneficial to your clients and your business. Your pricing page is a tool that works to help you and your clients. It should be created in such a way that is easy for your clients to find all of the information they need to make a decision. Your pricing page should be in a scannable format that can be reviewed in a single glance and is not overwhelming. Since you have incorporated the Must-Haves, it should be simple for your clients to identify the package that is best for them.

Having your contact information easily accessible is also another way to make it simple for your clients. If you make your pricing sheet printable, ensure that your information is either at the top of the sheet or in a footer along the bottom. (Not only will you be easy to contact to answer any questions, but it will be easy for them to buy from you, too!)

3. Less is More

Make sure to keep your pricing page as simple as possible. The #1 reason for clients not booking you is confusion on your pricing. The more options you introduce, the easier it is for clients to reconsider, and the harder it is to move forward to a buying decision. With all of the expenses that go into a wedding, couples have been staring at several price tags and can be easily overwhelmed by too many options. Remember to keep it as simple as possible for them!

If you have several options for your clients, including an “extras” list can help your pricing page tremendously. If you choose to include an “extras” list, make sure that it is as clear and concise as possible. Keep in mind that having too many options on the page can be confusing. Everything that goes onto the pricing sheet should have a reason for being there, so resist the temptation to add a second page. If it is important to your clients but not on the page, they will inquire about it.

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4. Be Brand-Authentic

Having an authentic brand to represent your images is essential for your photography business. Make sure that your pricing page is visually in line with your business. It should reflect the creativity of your signature style and your own unique look and feel, setting it apart from other photographers. When your brand is unique with your originality, it will be much easier for your clients to identify your brand and grow your customer base.

One way to promote your brand is to think about fonts that are stylistic and similar to the layout of your website. If you make the decision to outsource photo editing to a post production company, such as ShootDotEdit, you can use design features to draw attention to important elements. Text boxes, contrasting colors, bold or italic letters—these simple style elements can add interest and impact. It will help to support your brand and act as a tool to help your clients. Make sure the designing features aren’t too simple or overly vibrant, as they can distract your clients from the pricing.

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Remember that, overall, your photography pricing page needs to be clear and simple because confusion is the main reason that clients do not book. If you are comfortable with your pricing and in your value, it will help you to explain your prices, leading to more bookings. Make sure that it is easy for your clients to identify the things that are most important to them. When you build your pricing page with your clients’ wishes at the front of your mind, it will be easy for them to buy from you!

Since your clients want to know that your pricing matches the quality of your services, be sure to market yourself in a way that is appealing to them. Find out how to choose the best pricing model for your business with The Keys to Pricing for Wedding Photographers!

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