3 Custom Camera Settings to Speed Up Your Shoots


Here at ShootDotEdit, we believe Fast is Best.We know that one of the keys to success for you is to find ways to speed up various parts of your business. Whether you trim time from your shoots, regular tasks and projects, or post-wedding workflow, you should always think of new ways to become faster at what you do. As well as the tasks you take care of for your business, you spend a lot of time with your camera. During an engagement or wedding shoot, you likely spend hours shooting and adjusting settings on your camera to capture images for the bride and groom.

How well do you know the current camera you use? Have you discovered custom settings on your camera to help you quickly shoot during an engagement shoot or the wedding day? Custom settings for your camera can differ depending on the model, but all achieve the same goal: to eliminate time. Here are 3 custom camera settings you should use to speed up your shoots.

1. Use Back Button Focus

Does this sound familiar? During a shoot, you take multiple images in a row of the bride and groom, and in between each shot you pressed the shutter button halfway down to properly focus the image. You are confident you captured the best photos; however, when you take time to review, you realize that half of the photos are out of focus. Not only is this frustrating, but you risk on missing some of the best moments during the day.


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The Ultimate Guide to Second Shooters

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How often do you work with second shooters during a wedding? Second shooters can be a positive addition to your business, and can make the wedding day shoot a bit easier on you. Sometimes, though, working with another photographer can cause challenges. Have you ever had a negative experience with a second shooter who didn’t represent your brand message or photography style? If you train your second shooter correctly before the wedding day, they can be an asset to you and your business. If you do not take the time to train them to understand your unique brand and style, your reputation could be at risk.

Because you may have so much already on your plate, we know adding another item (like finding and training a second shooter) can seem impossible. That is why we are excited to share a resource to help you simplify the process it takes to develop a second shooter to accurately reflect your photography business. In The Ultimate Guide to Second Shooters, created in conjunction with Showit, we share how you can quickly find, train, and empower your second photographers to be a perfect addition to your business!


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Our free guide also includes:
– A 10-step process to onboarding successfully
– Simple techniques for training your second shooter
– Strategies to maintain creative control and vision
– Quick tips to hand your second shooter for success



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7 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Background


When you shoot an engagement session or wedding, there are elements you look for to ensure you can create the best photos for your clients. From lighting to posing, to location, you make sure that you and your clients are set up for a successful shoot. In addition to the elements you look for, how much attention do you pay to select the perfect background?

The background can help you make a stunning photo, or can turn your shoot into a nightmare if you don’t use it to your advantage! So you can always find a background to suit your shoot, here are 7 tips for selecting the perfect background for your couples.

1. Look for Something New

As a photographer, you may spend time shooting the same locations over and over. While this is fine, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Look for backgrounds that you have not shot before. Perhaps you have always wanted to shoot your couple in front of a busy city or in front of a legendary monument. Find ways to incorporate backgrounds that differentiate your images from past ones. This creates stunning photos for your couple and also keeps you motivated to take dynamic photos.


Image Compliments of Rachel Rossetti Photography


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Top 5 Tips for Creating Presets the Right Way


How many hours do you spend in your post-wedding workflow? Your time is so valuable that you need to make sure you use every minute to its fullest. Creating and using Lightroom presets to add your Signature Style to images is a fast way for you to maintain consistency and quickly deliver your images to clients. But, if you spend too much time creating presets, you are missing out on important parts of your business that require your attention.

In our Surefire Methods to Creating Presets the Right Way Webinar, Cole Joseph shared how to create custom presets for your business to match your Signature Style, and how to use them to simplify your process in Lightroom. Here are the top 5 tips from Coles recent webinar for you to implement into your workflow today.

1. Create Unique Presets for Images

Just like you can save time when you outsource various parts of your workflow, Lightroom presets help you eliminate time from your post-wedding workflow by allowing you to quickly apply artistic edits after your images are color corrected. Although you can purchase presets for your business, creating them means you have complete control over the style you place on your images. 

Lightroom presets help you provide exceptional service because you can add your style faster, meaning you will have a quick photo turnaround time. Plus, when you create and use presets, you save time which equals more money for your business. The more time you can save in your post-wedding workflow, the easier it will be to work on other projects to increase your profit.


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Creating Dynamic Photos using the Rule of Thirds


Whether you are a new photographer or have been shooting for years, how often are you using the rule of thirds for your images? Chances are you might know a bit about the rule of thirds, as it was likely one of the first lessons you learned about photography. But, are you using it to the best of your ability to create memorable and interesting images from every shoot?

For some, the rule of thirds revolves around how images are composed, and others use it as a starting point and then develop different framing techniques. The great thing about the rule of thirds is it allows you to look at your images differently. It is also helpful because it takes you away from shooting the same images every time. Instead of shooting your couple straight on, the rule of thirds allows you to move them away from the center of the photo. So you can discover if you are using the rule of thirds to its fullest, and to help in creating dynamic photos, here are a few tips you can use for your next shoot.

Understand the Concept


The rule of thirds is based on a 3×3 grid where you place your subjects on the imaginary points where the lines intersect. Within the grid, use the rule of thirds to place the couple (or subject) in the top, bottom, left, or right portion of the frame. This splits the image differently than it would when you place the subject directly in the center of the image.

Image Compliments of Scott Robert Lim

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Stop Making Branding Mistakes: Solving Identity Crisis


Have you ever missed out on booking an ideal client because of a branding mistake in your business? Often times, branding mistakes occur unintentionally, and since making adjustments in your business can take time, it may be likely you have not had the opportunity to fix the issue.

In our Branding Guide, we cover 7 mistakes wedding photographers make in their photography business. The first mistake we highlight is suffering from an identity crisis. When you share too many conflicting details about who you are as a photographer, and what you specialize in, you risk sending a confusing message to clients. Because you are a unique photographer who has a specialty unlike anyone else, it is crucial to your success to identify what your specialty is so you can attract the right clients to your business.

Identify a Specialty

As a photographer, you may enjoy shooting other areas outside of wedding photography, which is a great opportunity to practice your skills. But, if you are sharing multiple types of photography on your website, you may cause confusion for clients searching for a wedding photographer. To solve this, identify the type of weddings you want to shoot and the type of clients you want to interact with.


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Surefire Methods to Creating Presets the Right Way Webinar


In your post-wedding workflow, it’s easy to lose track of the time you spend on your tasks; especially adding your artistic edits. After your images are color corrected, applying your Signature Style is an important task to take care of to diversify yourself from others in the industry. Using Lightroom presets can assist you in developing a quick and simple process for adding your Signature Style to your images. But, spending too much time adjusting your presets can take away from other areas in your business. How can you make presets that represent your style and quickly add them to your photos?

In our Surefire Methods to Creating Presets the Right Way Webinar, Cole Joseph will demonstrate simple tips to help you create your very own presets for your Signature Style!

Wednesday, May 11th 
10am PDT – 11am PDT



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3 Steps to Shooting a Large Bridal Party


Ever have trouble organizing and shooting a large bridal party? Today, Amy and Jordan Demos are sharing 4 secrets for how to photograph a large bridal party on the wedding day in the fastest, most effective, and organized way possible. They will help you have a plan for a part of the wedding day that a lot of photographers dread, and will show you how to have fun with it, get great images, and get time back if the timelines fallen behind.



1. Shoot with Chairs

One of our goals for large bridal party shots is to be able to see everyone as clearly as possible. If we string out twenty people in a line or single row, their faces are going to be so tiny! So we (almost) always, whenever possible, use chairs for bridal parties with more than four bridesmaids and four groomsmen when were photographing the entire group. Ten (in total) is the absolute most well ever photograph without chairs. Again, thats a general rule. You have to evaluate on a case-by-case basis, but thats our basic idea heading into bridal party photos.


Image Compliments of Amy and Jordan Demos


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