Fast 5: Posing Deep Dive

ShootDotEdit’s Fast Five — 5 useful quick tips you can apply to your photography business right now!

Here at ShootDotEdit, not only do we provide our customers with the best in post-production photography, but we also like to share insights from photographers in the industry. 

Roberto Valenzuela is a great example of a photographer who is an expert in all things posing and lighting. In addition to his photography career, he is also an author and an educator. He loves to share his knowledge so we wanted to bring it to you here! 

Read his 5 Tips on Posing and Lighting in this week’s fast 5!

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Increase Your Revenue with Wedding Album Sales

Do you remember the days when our parents used to take out a large hard-covered albums with all of their photos in them? Many of us still have our parents’ wedding albums at home. They may be as old as 50 years or more. They’re old fashioned, but those black and white photos sandwiched between tissue paper still look new.

The best thing about photo albums is that you can physically touch them. The smell of an old wedding album takes you back to the time when you had your first look or were waiting for your bride at the altar. It is also a reminder of those that may not be with us anymore. 

Wedding albums are also easy to access since there’s no computer required!  

Our point is…

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Fast 5: Instagram Post Ideas from Top Wedding Photographers

ShootDotEdit’s Fast Five — 5 useful quick tips you can apply to your photography business right now!

Having a presence on Instagram as a wedding photographer is an excellent way to place your images in front of ideal clients. Many feel it is the perfect platform for wedding photographers to use to grow their business.

As a company that specializes in professional photo editing services for photographers, we at ShootDotEdit, understand how important your images are to attract and book your ideal clients. Variety in your images and posts helps keep your followers interested. So to stay top of mind with your followers, you can make these FIVE POSTS ON INSTAGRAM to highlight your Wedding Photography Business.



As you get new followers, introductions are a simple way to share more about who you are as a person and photographer. When you share facts about you, your followers begin to trust you, which keeps you top of mind.


Because the wedding photography industry changes so rapidly, it can be helpful to share your expertise with your fellow photographers. To attract followers to your educational courses, webinars, and workshops, post about them on your Instagram account.


On your account, you can also use Boomerang for Instagram to create unique videos. According to Instagram, Boomerang takes a burst of images, speeds them up, and plays them forward and backward to create a looping video. Boomerang is a great way to liven up your account and have some fun.


Another way to spice up your account is to feature a guest takeover or do one yourself. This places your brand in front of another photographer or vendor’s audience, which helps you attract new followers to your Instagram account.


As you share on your Instagram account, add in a few behind-the-scenes photos. These can be details of a wedding you are prepping for, or a product you are launching. You can also post about behind-the-scenes of your personal life to continue to build trust with followers.


Any photos you share on your Instagram account should represent your brand. Outsource your photo editing to a wedding photography post-production company to ensure each image is consistent and shares who you are as a photographer. When you try different Instagram posts ideas on your business account, you provide followers with a look into who you are as a person and photographer. So why not impress them?

To know more about Instagram post ideas and first-hand experiences of pro wedding photographers, you can read our detailed blog- “9 INSTAGRAM POST IDEAS FROM TOP WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS”.

At ShootDotEdit, our goal is to take the “heavy lifting” of photo editing off your plate — giving you more time to run your business, spend time with your family, or even just have a weekend again!

Click here to learn more about what ShootDotEdit can do for you!

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Ingredients for a Successful Photography Business

Featuring Dana & Nate of
Lovers of Love Photography

Many of us know the good fortune that comes from welcoming children into our families. They’re playful, they’re fun — but the house is always a mess with them throwing things in every corner and we’re always exhausted chasing after them as they run helter-skelter. The stories we most often hear are from parents hoping for more time and more energy to focus on themselves and their careers post-children. So when we meet a husband and wife team that say their lives have become more disciplined and organized after the birth of their babies, it can be inspiring to the rest of us.

“Our business really took off once we became parents,” say Dana and Nate, wedding photographers and the owners of Lovers of Love Photography. Read on to find out more about how they succeed as parents and entrepreneurs.

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Wedding Photographers — Kick Pain & Stress Out of Your Life with Yoga

By being a wedding photographer you are pursuing your passion and it satiates your creative soul. It gives you a different perspective on life. You get to hear so many beautiful love stories and capture them forever. You meet in-love couples, families, friends, and capture emotions in their most intimate and raw forms. Taking a moment out of time and making it last forever is second nature.

To do all this, you spend all day with your heavy gear on your back, with lots of stress on your shoulders, and maybe hunched over computers for long hours before you get time to sleep.

YOGA is the way out. With yoga, you can meditate, relax, stretch your body, and relieve pain. Yoga can help you get your energy back and return to work with a calm mind and a healthy body each day.

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ShootDotEdit’s Fast Five — 5 useful quick tips you can apply to your photography business right now!

Wedding photo albums are timeless pieces that allow your couples to look back on their images and are a great way to increase your profits. When you effectively sell albums to your clients, it helps you to showcase your creativity and maximize business. So to speed up the process, we have put together 5 useful ways to help you create a simple album designing workflow.

Let’s begin!

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Marketing Tips For Right Now

Guest Post By Bradley Zisow of Bradley Images

But it takes more than knowing how to capture incredible imagery to get noticed by your peers and potential clients. 

One of the biggest mistakes wedding photographers make (or any business owners for that matter) is neglecting their marketing efforts.  And we get it! Marketing can be easy to let fall by the wayside.

Our advice: Don’t make that mistake — especially now and even when things are slow (because we have all been stuck inside)!

Now’s the perfect time to develop or continue working on a strong marketing game for your photography business.

We teamed up with Baltimore’s own Bradley Zisow of Bradley Images. Bradley is an award-winning wedding photographer and knows how to keep a business afloat even through the most trying times.  He wanted to share a few of his marketing tips with us here today on the ShootDotEdit blog!

Check it out!

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Vlogging for Wedding Photography: Is It Worth It?

‘Content is the King’ in this digital world. Businesses, as well as individuals, are using content in all forms to brand and advertise themselves. It can be in the form of text, photographs or even videos. This content is constantly and consistently flashed before the eyes of your target audience so as to stay top of mind and drive them towards your business.

VLOGGING is no different. In simple words, vlogging means Video Blogging or making blogs in the form of videos to send across your message to your target audience. It is an interactive video blog about upcoming events or your daily life, as well as any other activity that a vlogger thinks is worth mentioning through a video, instead of writing it on their blog.

It catches the attention of your followers, fans, or potential clients much more effectively than just text or images. It targets your senses of sight and hearing at one go making it much easier for your target clients to remember you. The power of imagery is so strong because it’s directly linked to memory retention.

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Fast 5: A Plan to Grow Your Business

ShootDotEdit’s Fast Five — 5 useful quick tips you can apply to your photography business right now!

No matter where you are in your photography business — whether at the beginning or you’re a seasoned professional wedding photographer, planning for your success is key. Starting a photography business can be so exciting, but as you book more weddings and fill your calendar, what once was your dream job can turn stressful and unmanageable. Having a photography business plan will ensure you can handle your growth and scale.

Being scalable and creating a plan allows you to implement proper systems that give you more time to work on your craft and require less time working on other tasks. This results in you saving time, energy, and greatly reducing stress. Here are FIVE amazing tips on how to become scalable for your business and create an effective plan.

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Fast 5: Blogging for Content Marketing

ShootDotEdit’s Fast Five — 5 useful quick tips you can apply to your photography business right now!

Here at ShootDotEdit, we specialize in editing wedding photos. We also love to provide relevant and valuable insights on topics that are relevant to you as a wedding photographer. That’s why we partner with industry leaders to bring you their insights and tips on topics, such as wedding photography blog ideas, that can help grow your business. Read on for our top 5 tips to starting a wedding photography blog and using it to grow your business.

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