4 Tips to Price and Sell Your Prints


In today’s digital and technology-driven world, everyone wants products and services that are available to them digitally and easily accessible online. When it comes to photography, clients are always looking to see if photographers offer digital files in their packages. With this being such a popular item to buy, how do you make other products, such as prints, seem valuable and worth buying? Here are 4 tips to help you price and sell your prints to your clients.


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How to Market Your Photography Business with Content Marketing

how to market your photography business with content marketing

As a wedding photographer, focusing on how to market your photography business is a fast way to get in front of ideal clients. Since there are various ways to utilize photography marketing in your business, ShootDotEdit President, Jared Bauman, connected with Bryan Caporicci of Sprouting Photographer in a podcast to discuss a particular type of marketing known as content marketing.

Content Marketing

Here at ShootDotEdit, we provide photo editing services for photographers and also love to connect with industry leaders to share helpful and relevant information about ways to succeed as a photography business owner. Content marketing is about providing valuable resources to your current or potential clients through a variety of channels. These include social media, your blog, email campaigns, and even face-to-face. Continue reading to discover how to promote your wedding photography business with content marketing. 

content marketing and drawing on notebook with glowing light bulbs

Develop a Plan

Creating valuable content can take time, so re-evaluate where you are spending your hours. Dedicate time and energy to a solid content marketing plan. Partnering with a company like ShootDotEdit to take care of your wedding photo editing will allow you to spend less time behind the computer editing and more time on important aspects of your business. The true value of outsourcing is to allow yourself to spend time working on areas of your business that will help produce profit. [···]

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7 Techniques to Better Bridal Portraits

As a bride begins her wedding shopping, she spends months scouring the Internet for her dream photographer. She wants someone who will capture all of the major events, be there for the candid moments, and of course, make her look fabulous during her bridal portraits – it is her day, after all.


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Who’s Doing It Right in Blogging


In the social media-driven world, blogging is an important part of your business. Through your blog, you have the opportunity to share weddings as well as personal stories with potential clients. One of the beauties of blogging is there are several ways to share stories of wedding days and even personal experiences. Even though you are a photographer, that does not mean that your blog can only consist of images. A goal of your blog is to captivate and intrigue potential clients, and that can be done in several ways. Here are three photographers who each have a different blogging style that are doing it right and creating compelling blogs.

1. Chrisman Studios – Narratives

While potential clients enjoy seeing your images, you can also awe them with your words through the power of narration. With a narrative style blog, being able to describe the emotions and events that happened during a wedding are just as important as providing beautiful images. By selecting a few images that complement your story, you can show readers that you pay attention to little details and really work to document a cohesive story. In Chrisman Studios’ blog, they share narratives that express the unique moments they experienced from the day they met a couple all the way leading up to the wedding day. By finding ways to connect with the bride and groom on a personal level, the photographers are able to share the couple’s love story that unfolds in their blog post. [···]

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Top 5 Tips for Using Instagram for your Business


On a daily basis, 75 million Instagram users sign into their personal accounts. On a monthly basis, over 500 million users search Instagram for appealing images. Instagram is becoming a necessary social media outlet for business owners, especially wedding photographers who can share beautiful images with potential clients.

In our Instagram for the Wedding Photographer Guide, we discuss simple strategies to help you develop and maintain a successful Instagram account. We also showcase a few Instagram pros who share their techniques to mastering Instagram. Here are 5 tips to help you properly use Instagram in for your wedding photography business.

1. Create Two Profiles

Consider creating two separate profiles – a wedding photography business profile and a personal profile. In your business profile, it is still important to share some personal photos, but you can use this to primarily showcase your wedding photos and gain followers who are potentially interested in booking you. If you started on Instagram with a personal profile, change that Instagram handle to your photography business name – this way, all of your followers will now be following your wedding photography business. Simply changing your handle allows you to keep the followers you gained and allows you to create a more business-centric page. From here, you can create a new personal Instagram account.

Image Compliments of CHARD Photo


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