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How to Use The Patch Tool in Photoshop

Infographic stating how to use the patch tool in Photoshop

The Patch Tool in Photoshop can completely transform your images by removing unwanted or distracting spots or objects from them. Therefore, making it one of the most helpful tools for photo editing. Even with several years of experience, you could still accidentally include something unflattering or distracting in a photograph. And once you have taken the image, the chances of recreating it are relatively low. In such cases, the Patch Tool, which belongs to the family of Healing Brush Tools, can become a life-saver. Moreover, just like a magic trick (which needs some practice, of course), this feature can also help you add or copy objects to further enhance your image. It may be a little confusing at first, but in this blog, we offer you some ways to successfully use this tool for your future edits.

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