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How to Plan for COVID Engagement Sessions

Infographic displaying - How to Plan for COVID Engagement Sessions

This is a post on how to plan engagement sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic. At ShootDotEdit we are here to help photographers succeed. But we do not support photographers doing anything that makes them feel unsafe. We also recognize that some photographers want to (and have to) be photographing right now. No judgement should be passed on any choice. We do not believe you should be photographing if you’re not ready to be out there, and if you ARE ready to be photographing (and your couples are ready to be booking) engagement sessions, these tips might help! Please stay healthy and stay safe.

The COVID pandemic has turned the world upside down, and its economic side effects have impacted industries globally. Wedding photographers also took a huge hit due to the pandemic as it forced couples to push pause on their wedding plans. While some have simply postponed their weddings, others have canceled them. And this change in plans as well as people’s personal situations have also led to an increase in refund requests. But despite all this chaos, seeing their couples dealing with  – and overcoming the pandemic  – for the sake of love has been a motivation for wedding photographers to adapt to the changing world. 

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