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Being Diverse Wins the Day: Love by Joe Mac


There’s one thing about creativity — the more you use, the more you have! A creative mind will find a new way every time it wants to express itself. It will tell you the same, yet diverse, story each time.

Joseph McFetridge completely fits this definition of creativity. McFetridge, who’s better known as Joe in his circles, is one talented creative. He’s a successful wedding photographer based out of Philadelphia and runs two brands of his own. His first brand deals with Weddings, engagements and family portraits and is called Love By Joe Mac. His second brand, Joe Mac Creative covers business headshots and corporate photography.  

We have an awesome video to share with you on Joe! Check it out below and then read on to find out more about Love by Joe Mac!

Diversity Wins the Day video

We’re thrilled to feature Joseph McFetridge and hope you can be inspired by his journey.

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