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Top 18 Ways to Book Weddings in the COVID-19 Pandemic

book weddings in the COVID-19 pandemic

This post on how to book weddings in the COVID-19 pandemic requires a little caveat. At ShootDotEdit we are here to help photographers succeed. We do not believe there is only one way to do things, and do not support photographers doing anything that makes them feel unsafe. But we also recognize that there are photographers who want to (and have to) be photographing right now. No judgement should be passed on any choice. We do not believe you should be photographing if you’re not ready to be out there, and if you ARE ready to be photographing, these tips might help! Please stay healthy and stay safe.

As a photographer you may be struggling right now with understanding how to book weddings in the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has hit the world economy hard. Businesses everywhere are facing a financial crisis. Many organizations are cutting down jobs to manage their expenses. As a result, many engaged couples are on a tighter budget now. They have decided to organize smaller weddings to boost savings. Some of them are planning to cancel – or have already canceled – their wedding due to the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

This is not good news for the wedding industry. 

Wedding photographers are also affected by this unfortunate sequence of events. It wouldn’t be surprising if couples begin to forgo wedding photography altogether. Because photography is probably not a necessity for people in financial crisis, couples affected by COVID-19 financially might call a friend or close family member to photograph them instead. 

Should you give up hope on your business? Should you stress about the challenges that the wedding community is facing right now? NO, NO and a big NO. 

Instead, let’s talk about how to pivot, and how to safely run your business and especially book weddings in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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