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Creating GIFs with Wedding Photos

Creating GIFs

GIFs, and creating GIFs, used to be wildly popular back in the 90s, but they lost their appeal somewhere late in that decade. In recent years, with the growth of social media platforms, the art of creating and sharing GIFs has made a huge comeback. People across the world use animated GIFs for memes and funny short clips. They are used to express emotions online. Wedding photographers are making full use of GIFs to share with their clients as well as add interest to their websites.

In this blog post, you will learn how wedding photographers can take advantage of creating GIFs to impress their clients. And, bonus, we’ll share how wedding photographers can also use GIFS on their own websites to add interest and diversity above and beyond the normal text/image layouts!

Why Create GIFs?

Creating GIFs for wedding photography has gained popularity in the last few years. There are wedding photographers who charge extra for GIF animation wedding photography. There is no doubt that GIF photos add realism, depth, and beauty to the image. There are couples who specifically look for photographers who would be able to provide them GIFs of their wedding photos. Not many couples might demand an all-GIF wedding, but several would love a few GIFs for their personal use as a part of their photography package.

Photo Editing Software for Creating GIFs

Adobe Photoshop is a great platform to create animated GIFs. Wedding photographers who already use Photoshop or are learning it can create interesting wedding GIFs in a few easy steps.

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